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Friday 3rd June 2022

The Jam Jar Presents: Ghetto Kumbé

— The Jam Jar
Live Electronic Afro-Colombian Power Direct from Bogotá
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“SELL OUT WARNING: Ghetto Kumbé bring ritualistic carnival spirit and afro-futurist digital rhumba to the world stage. Straight outta Bogotá with a whirl of hand drums and funky house earworming melodies.”
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Ghetto Kumbé: welcome to the ritual of drums.

We are absolutely thrilled to present Ghetto Kumbé - Raised on Colombia's Caribbean coast and united by its capital, Bogota, they combine the rich musical heritage of their home, to invoke the spirit of digital rumba in audiences all over the world.

Friday 3rd June
The Jam Jar Presents
Ghetto Kumbé
plus Jam Jar DJs
8pm - 1am
Age: 18+
The Jam Jar, Bristol.


About Ghetto Kumbé:

The secret behind Ghetto Kumbé’s irresistible electronic ritual lies in their powerful percussion base; Caribbean beats and traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms inherited from West Africa.

Using musical motifs from Africa and Colombia’s Caribbean coast such as the gaita, call-and-response vocals, and an array of hand drums and rhythms, coupled with the elegant electronic production, Ghetto Kumbé creates an Afro-futurist soundscape with lyrics to motivate, elevate, and inspire.

In the Americas, Ghetto Kumbé has become one of the most important alternative groups to come out of Colombia. They’ve played Barranquilla’s world famous Carnival, Bogotá’s recent Boiler Room, and have even opened for Radiohead. The ancient yet modern sound of the three powerful musicians has made them a legitimate representative of the new Afro-House scene burgeoning all over the world.

Event photos for The Jam Jar Presents: Ghetto Kumbé:

The Jam Jar Presents: Ghetto Kumbé at The Jam Jar
The Jam Jar Presents: Ghetto Kumbé in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Ghetto Kumbé - Vamo a Dale Duro (Official video)
Ghetto Kumbé – Eso No Me Falla
En vivo R3: Ghetto Kumbé
Ghetto kumbe en Palomino

Artist Audio:

Ghetto Kumbé
bandcamp - bandcamp

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