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Monday 14th March 2022

Kundalini Yoga with Rowan

— The Jam Jar
Kundalini Yoga
price: Headfirst Tickets


Class description
In the class I will be teaching different Kundalini yoga Kriyas (set of movements) that activate the physical and energetic body’s. As the class is at the start of the week and in the morning I will focus on uplifting and energy creating kriyas and meditations. Toward the end of the class there will be a time to meditate and relax before starting your week pumped and ready to go!

The aim of the class is to equip you with tools and techniques that allow you to move through life with more grace and ease. The yoga connects you to your body and the second half uses this focus and increased awareness to still the mind.

Group energy
If you struggle to meditate on your own, doing it in a group can make it lots easier as the group energy helps create focus.

About your teacher
Rowan was brought up as a Quaker which is a pacifistic sort of Christianity that uses quiet reflection as its form of worship. He then in his 20’s started practicing Vipassana meditation which is purported to be the original teaching of Siddhattha Gotama the Buddha as was taught by him in his lifetime. While studying the techniques Rowan completed 3, 100 hour meditation retreats as well as keeping up a regular 2 hours daily practice.
After this he started studying Kundalini Yoga as he wanted to have a more embodied practice. He now teaches having completed his teacher training in 2019.
Currently Rowan is in the third year of a three year course called The Masters Way which combines Meditation and Shadow work. The course shows you how to hold a very heart centred and vulnerable space and to accept all parts of yourself.

Please book in advance
Please bring a yoga mat, a small firm cushion, and a water bottle.
Please wear flexible clothing.
Please eat food 1 hour before the class or save it for after, this will help deepen your practice.
Please arrive 10 mins before so you can be let in, as the door will be closed once the class starts.
There are no changing rooms at the JamJar so please arrive ready to practice, the class will be held in room 2.

£7 + 55p booking fee

Any questions please get in contact

Any questions please get in contact

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