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Wednesday 31st August 2022

boci ALBUM LAUNCH + ÂELLIN + Solomon O.B

— The Jam Jar
Songwriter and violinist boci releases her debut album with an 8 piece band
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boci (FKA Rebecca Shelley) releases 'we are each other, this will set us free' - a collection of songs and instrumentals created through reflection, connection, introspection, wonder, grief, and inner healing.

boci's launch is a celebration of the album - a deep acknowledgment of the human experience. She immerses her audience in an ocean of layered, looped strings, swirling harp, therapeutic grooves and uplifting, soulful harmony.

Her folk infused sound world is not confined to a particular genre, with honesty-of-expression being at the heart of boci's music.

"disarmingly fresh and life affirming" - Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

"this innovative artist confirms a penchant for dynamic arrangements. An exceptional violinist, she reimagines it’s utility in pop. She could draw comparisons to Andrew Bird in how she employs this classic instrument, but boci brings something more. There’s an inclination towards chill-pop and psychedelia thats’ both catchy and dreamy. - The Wild is Calling Us

“I adore that sound” - Adam Crowther, BBC Radio Bristol

“She just started playing violin and absolutely blew my mind, it was amazing” James Threlfall, BBC introducing, Countryfile Live 2021

Joining boci are 8 local musicians:
Emmy Broughton - Harp
Tom Campbell - Bass guitar/Guitar
Liam O'Connell - Double bass
Jon Clark - Percussion
Miranda Faye - Violin
Pearl Love - Vocals
Mike Hayes - Synths
Maz McNamara - Vocals




ÂELLIN is the folk, jazz and ambient songwriting project fronted by multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Siân Magill.

Moving away from traditional songwriting structures, the project seeks to unpick real-world emotive and visceral experience. Working with literary reference and intertextuality, the songs explore concepts of memory, unconscious experience and the diffusion of linearity. The audio-world meanders through a diversity of genres, working with a rich canvas of textural elements including folk guitar, jazz guitar, percussion, double bass, cello, ambient synth and synth bass.

Principally, ÂELLIN is an evocation of joy, curiosity, grief and love - and a reflection of the eternal search for connection, communion, and silver-lining songs.

The name ÂELLIN derives from the greek name meaning whirlwind. It is bounded by the diminutive suffix -in (Irish descent), giving the translation ‘Little Whirlwind’, and the circumflex (Â) which pays homage to Welsh orthography and heritage in the songwriter’s name.


Solomon O.B - Artist, Poet, Musician
UK Slam Champion 2016 (Hammer & Tongue)

Event photos for boci ALBUM LAUNCH + ÂELLIN + Solomon O.B:

boci ALBUM LAUNCH + ÂELLIN + Solomon O.B at The Jam Jar
boci ALBUM LAUNCH + ÂELLIN + Solomon O.B in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

boci // The Garden // OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
Now is the Time - boci ft. Pearl Love
boci // Golden Sky // with Leeem and Pearl Love
Solomon O.B. - Patterns of Behaviour | Sofar London
Spoken word as a crossroad to happiness | Solomon OB | TEDxYouth@Maastricht

Artist Audio:

Solomon O.B

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