The Recognition of Shakuntala & Meet the Robot at Kit Form
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A event on Sunday 14th July. The event starts at 14:00.

The Recognition of Shakuntala
The love story of Shakuntala is a mesmerising tale from ancient India. Raised in a secluded hermitage, Shakuntala's world changes forever when she meets King Dushyanta.

Their secret marriage, a forgotten promise, and their eventual reunion have been told and retold over millennia. Each version is different. Each finds fresh meaning in the same narrative beats and twists. Each reveals hidden dimensions of sensuality, politics and mysticism. Enter the shifting shadows of this deep and timeless tale with storyteller Wilf Merttens as your guide, leading you through the forests of ancient India to locate the origins of the mysterious Shakuntala.

Accompanying Wilf are brilliant mathematicians who will delve into the underlying structures of this venerable narrative, revealing the hidden patterns that have made it resonate through the ages.

Wilf Merttens is an award-winning storyteller and author of Bristol Urban Legends, out now from the History Press.

Meet the Robot:
There will also be a chance to meet Sprout the Robot, designed and built by Air Giants. Sprout is a soft, huggable robot, supported and moved by the control of air within it.
For Aperiodic, Sprout's motions are controlled by walking a Hilbert curve, varying the pressures within its chambers.

Air Giants is a creative studio making huge, joyful robots and powerful immersive experiences. We are technological pioneers, using cutting-edge technology alongside traditional techniques to bring creatures of the imagination into the everyday.

This event is part of APERIODIC, a festival of art, science, music and performance taking place this summer in Bristol. The theme is the mathematics and science of ‘aperiodic order’: the absence of regular or repetitive patterns.
Or, more simply, ‘things that almost repeat, but not quite’.

Entry requirements: no age restrictions (under 18s to be accompanied by an adult over 21yrs, 1:1 ratio)

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