TAROT MEDITATIONS - The Sun & Festivals of Lights at L'étoile Studio - 18 West Street BS2
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A event on Wednesday 29th November. The event starts at 18:00.

The sun is the bestower of light and life to the totality of the cosmos; with his unblinking, all-seeing eye, he is the stern guarantor of justice; with the almost universal connection of light with enlightenment or illumination, the sun is the source of wisdom.

On the occasion of this session of Meditations on the Tarot - a class that combines tarot theory and drawing by @mireinart - we will meditate on the card of the sun in preparation for the solstice, yule, Sol Invictus and December celebrations.
Then, we will create art inspired by this powerful archetype in order to visually translate our thoughts and what we take out of the session.

Creative or not - the workshop is open to everyone who wants to have a go! No artistic or drawing skills are required. People are invited to participate even if they prefer to use the experience to produce other art forms such as poetry, music, etc. Materials such as paper, pencils, markers, crayons, oil pastels and other mediums are available - but feel free to bring your own.
The workshop also aims to favour relationships and connections between the people involved and create a community around the project.

MIREINART / Marta Isabella Reina
Marta is a visual artist, musician, and performer who works on symbolism, folklore, magic, mythological and religious imagery (www.mireinart.com). Besides her illustration activity, Marta works on promoting tarot culture and heritage by organizing lectures, courses, and events. She started studying tarot years ago in Italy following her interest in medieval and renaissance symbolism, she attended lectures and courses and has been trained according to Jodorowsky's distinctive approach to tarot reading alongside the therapeutic practice of Psychomagic. She also works on dreams and their visual representation organising classes (social dreaming drawing). In 2021 she started research on mutual dreaming and synchronicity by collecting experiences of shared synchronic dreams between people linked by a significant relationship - doppelnovelle.com. She has a background in art and design (PhD).

Instagram @mireinart
[email protected]