Pleural: The Palace Fundraiser tickets otd at The Loco Klub
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"Think Jennifer’s Body levels of queer sexy body-horror meets dark dancefloor hedonism. Raising funds for their 2023 festival, Palace International Film Festival curates a heavy-weight line-up of DJs specialising in the more warped, harder and noisier parameters of dance music alongside visceral art installations and film shorts."

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A clubnight held at The Loco Klub on Friday 1st July. The event starts at 22:00.

Tickets available on the door

WE'RE BACK! The Palace is raising money to put on its 2023 edition, and we’re doing it the way we know best: throwing a party.

Pleural takes its name from the fluid between the membranous layers that cover human lungs, a lubricant to allow breathing. With its homophone ‘plural’ also pointing to multiplicity, this night of music, installations and film aims to both lubricate new connections and bring out queerness’ radical potential through a theme focusing on the body's between-spaces.

Resident Advisor:

࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌

Room 1:
Princess Koko
♥ ℭ ♥ Satin de Compostela
Pet Bitch

Room 2:
Installations by Marcin Gawin, Marie Dutton and Azaria Flynn
Virtual Reality from PIFF21 Programme

Room 3:
The Palace Cinema

࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌


Princess Koko
Crotch resident and founder of SWEAT, Princess Koko whips up dancefloors with the command to move. Expect hypersexual techno, electro, and footwork jungle.

Sheffield-based producer and DJ Diessa makes wild excursions into UK club sounds, melding footwork, techno, bass, jungle and ambient. She joins us with a percussive witchcraft that has bagged her affiliations including Hope Works, Babycakes, Hi-NRG, All Centre, CXD and SZNS7N.

♥ ℭ ♥ Satin De Compostela
Returning after her PIFF debut in 2019, Satin de Compostela, Polish musician and DJ, is exploring queer and femxle-identified narratives, and deprogramming patriarchal structures by enlisting high femme aesthetics to do a labor of it. Known for her eclectic sets, you can find her spin everything, from sacred and experimental music through to obscure slutcore sounds and hard fast-paced controlled chaos.

Pet Bitch
With a love for all things high-octane and glitchy, Pet Bitch brings a torrent of nightcore, hyperpop, and hardcore gems to the dance floor.

After a thunderous 1020 Radio debut for Floor Function followed by a ‘unique’ club outing for Grove’s Keep Hush night alongside CandyHurtZz earlier this year, ORDERLY ROOM has established themselves on the Bristol scene as a sonic liability. Known for their unconventional combinations of high-power grime, power noise, breaks and hard drum, they force ugly sounds to work together on the dancefloor in new ways #KludgeGang

࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌


Marcin Gawin
Marcin is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice spans image construction, installation & live art. He is broadly interested in The Body and its reconfigurations; how it functions in mundane practicality as well as in speculative and occult realities. ‘Face to the Seventh’ reduces The Body to a mere host - or vessel - wherein the internal organs are reimagined as individual organisms or hybrid deities. Through rearrangement, these new forms are given primacy; questioning wholeness and problematising identity.

Marie Dutton
Marie's work has long been rooted in dark humour - her films frequently treading the line between unnerving and funny. She is drawn to the mundanity of the everyday and the eerie sensation of the uncanny valley, exploring visuals that feel both familiar yet unfamiliar. This installation explores the visceral fear of the unknown that lurks when the line between the familiar and unfamiliar is blurred.
@ma.riedutton / @clumpcollective /

Azaria Flynn
Premiered at Spike Island’s Eleventh exhibition in 2017, this AV installation explores the invasiveness of infection and disease when the body is subjected to something out of its control. Isolating crude and broken skin - magnifying the fragile barrier that attempts to protect us - this is a direct response to the raw and fragile condition of the body.

Virtual Reality
We are entering a new era in the politics of digital identity. PIFF’s VR programme opens new doors to exploring queer modes of being through the lens of virtual reality. Find more information about the programme here:

࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌


The Palace Cinema
Showcasing the highlights of PIFF2021’s animation and shorts programmes.

࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌

About The Palace

The Palace International Film Festival is an LGBTQIA+ film festival. In line with our vision ‘elevating experimentation and creating conversation’, PIFF aims to spotlight emerging talent and bring together new collaborations and combinations of artists and communities. PIFF celebrates the collective potential to invent and disrupt that we wield through queer life.

࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌

This is a queer event and a space that welcomes everyone. As a community, we respect each other’s space and look out for each other. PIFF will not tolerate - and will take action against - racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or any other form of discrimination / knobhead mentality. xoxo

࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌ ࿊ ࿋ ࿌
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