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Saturday 14th November 2020

Ishmael Ensemble presents an evening of live music

— The Loco Klub
Ishmael Ensemble presents - Alabaster dePlume, Mermaid Chunky & Ishmael Ensemble
price: Headfirst Tickets


Loco Klub proudly present a night of live music in collaboration with Ishmael Ensemble. 

This has been an incredibly difficult period for so many people, so we’re delighted to present a show that allows us to employ so many people whose professional careers have suffered immensely since lockdown; from sound crews and bar staff to security and performers: this is a very special event and a moment to support the culture that we all love so dearly….  

The event features three of the brightest lights in the UK’s music scene: the venue welcomes Ishmael Ensemble alongside his carefully curated guests Alabaster dePlume and Mermaid Chunky for our first show since lockdown. 

Set over 3 rooms in Loco Klub, the audience will be separated into 3 seated groups of 50 attendees who will be split over three rooms. Each band will perform a 40 minute set, before the 50 attendees move into the next event space for another performance from a different act, creating a uniquely programmed, immersive experience with the focus solely on music as it’s supposed to be enjoyed- loudly and with your undivided attention.  

Each of the three rooms will feature its own production to give the audience a different experience in each space, creating a similar experience to that of immersive theatre. 

Alabaster dePlume needs little introduction to listeners of Gilles Peterson’s 6Music show, his album To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Volume 1 was "Album of the Week"; Gilles said: “In a world that is troubled and going through chrises of all sorts, I think [this] album is the perfect therapy for the planet right now.”

Mermaid Chunky are one of the most exciting up and coming acts in the UK right now, with their new album scheduled a week before their performance at Loco, this is a rare opportunity to see the all-female group and ‘Stroud Jazz’ affiliates perform an intimate set in the Social Club.

Ishmael Ensemble have continued to move from success to success following their widely acclaimed ‘A State Of Flow’ album, with features on Soul Jazz’s recent compilation and a special remix of McCoy Tyner released via Blue Note, this is a chance to hear new material from one of the hottest bands to come out of Bristol in recent years.

Tickets are sold in sets of 2, with a maximum 3 pairs per booking to allow us to group up to 6 attendees from the same household where possible, while keeping outlay down for ticket buyers.

Arrival times are strict, similar to theatre performances, with set intervals for smoking and to move attendees into a different space. 

This is a seated only show, and all COVID guidelines must be strictly adhered to at all times.

Tunnel 1 - Ishmael Ensemble 
1900 - 1940 - performance 1 (audience 1)  
1940 - 2000 - break 
2000 - 2040 - performance 2 (audience 2)
2040 - 2100 - break 2 
2100 - 2140 - performance 3 (audience 3)
Tunnel 2 - Alabaster dePlume 
1900 - 1940 - performance 1 (audience 2) 
1940 - 2000 - break 
2000 - 2040 - performance 2 (audience 3)
2040 - 2100 - break 2 
2100 - 2140 - performance 3 (audience 1)
Social Club - Mermaid Chunky
1900 - 1940 - performance (audience 3) 
1940 - 2000 - break 
2000 - 2040 - performance (audience 1)
2040 - 2100 - break 2 
2100 - 2140 - performance 3 (audience 2)

Artist Videos:

Ishmael Ensemble - Seoul Music | Sofar London
Mermaid Chunky — Gemini Girls
Alabaster DePlume - 'Be Nice To People' (Live In Session)

Artist Audio:

Ishmael Ensemble
Mermaid Chunky
Alabaster DePlume

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