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Tuesday 5th July 2022


— The Loco Klub
A new play about femininity, masculinity, and the desire to just… be.
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Written by Gabrielle Finnegan

Presented by Greedy Pig Theatre Company

“Feminine? Masculine? Why can’t we just… be?”

The moment you were born, the doctor announced your gender, and the world put you in a box. And maybe that’s a comfortable box, and you’ll sit there happily for the rest of your life. But maybe it’s not… and what happens then? ‘Be.’ follows three characters trying to break out of their boxes, as they discover what it means to be ‘Her’, ‘Him’ or ‘Them’, in a story intertwined with the authentic collective experiences of over 60 real people.

With enchanting music and provocative, poetic storytelling, Greedy Pig Theatre Company’s latest production gives a voice to those made restless by the constraints of gender within our communities, and asks why sometimes it’s so difficult to just…be.

Please note that Be. contains strong language and discusses themes of a sensitive nature, including discrimination, gender dysphoria, suicide, eating disorders, LGBTQ+ and queer issues, sex and mental health.

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