Mickey Zoggs

Mickey Zoggs

Cult pub/cafe lifestyle hole and home of Noods Radio

On the same premises as the legendary Surrey Vaults (RIP), Mickey Zoggs has become the go-to pub for the Bristol music scene. With Noods Radio playing live from the studio inside, DJs come and go with entourage in tow, mixing with the city's Italian expat community enjoying authentic coffee, arancini and lasagne like mamma used to make. Semi-regular events include Sunday all-dayers, radio takeovers and the notorious Barn Dance.

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Mickey Zoggs Street Party at Mickey Zoggs
— Mickey Zoggs
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It takes 2 years to make a legend, and so….Mickey Zoggs celebrates it’s 2nd time round the sun, and the making of an underground boozer the likes of which Bristol has rarely seen. 2 days of ear-popping DJs ensue including Bruce, i-sha, Jurango, Clarity and so much more. It's that time of the year again