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Saturday 30th March 2019

Machina Bristronica

— Motion
A festival of Knobs,Buttons & Discussions
price: Headfirst Tickets


A full day and evening of synthesizer stalls, panel talks, live hardware performances, DIY modular workshops, Ableton Live workshops, Max4Live build sessions and the Escher Music Connection showcase over 4 warehouse rooms in the heart of Bristol.

Synths & Talks 12:00pm - 18:00pm

Live Sets : 12:00pm - 23:00pm


London Modular Alliance

Steevio & SuzyBee


Steve Davis presents The Utopia Strong

Mylar Melodies

Spiritflesh (DJ October & Borai)

Finlay Shakespeare

MissTer Spoon


with analog visuals presented by Triple Geek:



OPGroover DJ / VJ

PuttyRubber DJ / VJ

Stefan Goodchild

Talks & Demonstrations (hosted by A Sagittariun):

Kahn (Bandulu)

Batu_music (Timedance, XL Recordings)

Pinch (Tectonic Recordings)

KRUST (Bedouin, 31 Records)

Anna Disclaim (Native Instruments)

Allen & Heath

PRS for Music



Stalls from:


Native Instruments


Allen & Heath

Moog Music Inc.


Expert Sleepers

Signal Sounds


Future Sound Systems

Bastl Instruments

Bubblesound Instruments



teenage engineering

Dove Audio

Error instruments

Joranalogue Audio Design



Patching Panda

Music Thing Modular

Transient Modules

Eurorack Barcelona

Soulsby Synthesizers

XOR Electronics / Nerdsynth



Rebel Technology

Cymru Beats

ALM Busy Circuits


Brighton Modular Meet

Livestock Electronics


Isotonik Studios


Damaru Cases



Lateral Sound

DIY builds from:


Patching Panda/ Befaco / Transient Modules

Bastl Instruments

Error instruments

Bubblesound Modular

We will have a full day of live modular/hardware sets in the "Old Marble Factory" area, whilst the "New Marble Factory" space will host the main arena to loads of our favourite synthesizer companies. Come and chat to the actual people behind the building of these machines and get "hands on" with their new bits of gear.

London Modular Alliance, Steevio & Suzybee, Snooker/Synthesiser guru Steve Davis and Bristol's own "Future Sound Systems" Finlay Shakespeare will be joining a whole catalogue of live modular/hardware acts.

Our "Conversations with..." panel artists are from different corners of Bristol's electronic music scene, Kahn (Bandulu) ,Pinch (Tectonic) and Batu (Timedance) will be discussing key areas around Label branding, releases, and surviving within this oversaturated market.

Hodge will be playing a 2 hour set of unsigned music from producers that attend our monthly in-store Escher music events. Unsigned tracks can be submitted to the pool of tracks selected by Hodge by attending our Escher event last Thursday of every month and joining the group. More info shortly on the Escher event.

Mylar Melodies Meets Steve Davis:

What more can we say about this. Steve Davis has held more world snooker championships than we've had modules!

His exceptional knowledge of underground electronica, psychedelic funk, Northern Soul and everything in between is simply unparalleled. As an avid collector of vinyl & modular synths, Steve chats with Mylar Melodies about his "Love of Hardware", electronic music, his influences and maybe the odd Hurricane Higgins story thrown in.

Dj Krust is renowned not only as one of the most important Drum and Bass innovators to have ever "really experienced" this cities musical change but his stand up, in depth production lectures are for those who really want to learn the psychology and mental thought process behind composition and production. From your initial musical ideas and direction through to personal inspiration and goals. This is a must!

In the build workshop area, Bastl, Error, Thonk and Patching Panda will be hosting a series of DIY modular sessions. These will be a separate pre-purchased ticket where build revenue will go direct to the company and you walk away with your own fully built module at the end of the session. Further details of each workshop and the specific modules available soon.

Ableton will also be running 2 workshops throughout the afternoon. A "beginners" session designed to get you started with Live; building sounds, loops, sequences, FX chains and using the Push controller. The later session will be focusing on Max For Live, showing how you can expand and alter Live for your personal project, idea or style. By the end of the workshop we aim to have built a simple Max for Live device with ideas of how to expand it further yourself at home.

Bring your laptops to these sessions!

Novation demonstrate their new SLMKIII controller and how to reach different dimensions with their onboard integrated 8 track sequencer. Maximise any modular, synth rack or "dawless" set up with this new monster machine.

Allen and Heath products are not produced solely for Djs. Their Zed mixers are designed to integrate direct with your current DAW systems. Come and see how you can mix their technology with performance and production with a full demonstration from the people behind these mixers.

Native Instruments Product Specialist, Anna Disclaim shows you how to transform your productions using Komplete Kontrol’s Scale, Chord and Arp features. This smart controller keyboard harnesses the full power of Komplete to create professional sounding music with any plugin.

The PRS is a regularly overlooked necessity for getting paid for your music composition and live performances. Come and meet Ashley Howard from the PRS, find out exactly how it works, how to register your music, how they gather your revenue and, more importantly, how you get paid.


Please be aware that some of the areas being used for the event will be on the upper levels of Motion (mainly the Discussion and Ableton sessions).

Unfortunately there are only stairs up to these levels and no lifts therefore currently inaccessible for wheelchair users.

There will be seats available on these upper levels available to all.

Event photos for Machina Bristronica:

Machina Bristronica at Motion
Machina Bristronica in Bristol 2019

Artist Audio:

London Modular Alliance

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