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Friday 8th July 2022

Bristol HiFi with Don Letts (DJ Set)

— The Old Market Assembly
Dub Reggae legend teams up with Bristol HiFi
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“He changed the UK musical landscape forever, now punky reggae party royalty ascends to the Bristol Hi-Fi stage for a huge night of dub, disco, dancehall, jungle and everything in between. It can only be: Don Letts. ”
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Bristol HiFi are doing it again! Bringing you an awesome party night from a proper legend with Don Letts DJ Set!

Don's days as a DJ started accidentally when he was asked to play at The Roxy Club (the UK’s first live punk rock venue) back in 1977. This was so early in the scene there were no UK punk records to play as none had been made yet. So in between the fast and furious live punk sets Don played what he liked - some serious reggae. Lucky for him the punks liked it to and this mix gave rise to the ‘punky-reggae party’. He was the original Clash DJ for many of their live gigs up and down the country. Entering the eighties Don deserted the decks to pursue his film career.

Following the release of his 2001 compilation ‘Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown’ (tunes he played during his Roxy days) he was persuaded to return to the decks. From that time till this he’s continued to DJ nationally and internationally with a set that’s very much in the spirit of his days at The Roxy – we’re talking the history and legacy of Jamaican music – with an emphasis on moving the crowd.He came to notoriety in the late 70's as the DJ that single handedly turned a whole generation of punks onto reggae.

Alongside the main man, Mr Benn and Queen Bee will be spinning their intoxicating mix of dubby basslines and boom bap beats. New stuff, new old stuff, versions, excursions, perversions and musical diversions all stitched together with a thick thread of dance floor dynamite.

Good vibrations are the order of the night.

Artist Videos:

Don Letts Boiler Room London DJ Set
Mr Benn - 5 ep. The Spaceman

Artist Audio:

Don Letts
Mr Benn

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