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The Day of the Dead Show

A Crick Crack Club collision of stories, shrines & ritual...
price: Headfirst Tickets


PERFORMANCE STORYTELLING BY Daniel Morden, Sarah Liisa Wilkinson, Clare Murphy, TUUP, Jan Blake, Ben Haggarty....and maybe a few others!

In this exuberant night of story, and under the watchful eye of a bunch of gambling skeletons – dead ancestors are honoured; the souls of the dead are tempted back into the world of the living for a bit of a party, and Death is mocked, cheated and saluted by turn.

The Crick Crack Club’s annual celebration, inspired by the Mexican festival of the Dias de Los Muertos, is like some irrepressible autumn ritual. Join us, as the Day of the Dead goes digital!

TICKETS: £10 (on-line performance via Zoom)
GET INTO THE SPIRIT! Build your own shrine (if you do, we're going to want to see it!), light a candle, pimp your screen (we'll help), bring your own bottle, & you may even dress to impress (from the waist up).
DURATION: approx 2 halves of 60mins each (but once the dead are in charge anything could happen). The 'bar' will be open after the show for everyone who wishes to stay and chat.
SUITABLE FOR: adults (14+) (under 16s, need to share a screen with an adult)

Event photos for The Day of the Dead Show:

The Day of the Dead Show at ON-LINE EVENT
The Day of the Dead Show in Bristol 2021
The Day of the Dead Show at ON-LINE EVENT in Bristol
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