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Saturday 26th February 2022

Laboratory of The Un-Beautful

— ONLINE (UK Time)
A Bouffon & Grotesque Workshop for Womxn Theatre Makers 26th & 27th Feb
price: Headfirst Tickets


Dive deep into the world of the Bouffon and the Grotesque in this womxn-only 2 day ONLINE workshop from acclaimed theatre-makers & facilitators Robyn Hambrook & Deborah Antoinette.

Explore the wild & satirical play of the Bouffon; rooted in mockery, parody and acid wit. As we embrace the grotesque and un-beautiful we’ll liberate our imaginations and unlock the mad & surreal! Working with these elements we’ll use improvisation based devising to create foundations for unique Bouffon & Grotesque sketches!

This workshop is designed to foster a safe space for womxn to creatively explore their physicality, voice, presence and power.

During the Laboratory we will reflect together on how social prescription & patriarchal forces have affected us. We’ll invite reflections on lived-experiences such as: sisterhood/lack-of; self-image; power; consent; perception of femininity; Maiden-Motherhood-Crone phases; as well as opening to what themes emerge from the group of womxn present. We'll continue on to learn Bouffon tools.

> Feminine embodiment: shape, movement & voice.
> The group body & collective movement (yes, it is possible online!)
> Grotesque emotion
> ‘Stuffing’/changing body shape & moving the ‘full body mask’
> Relationship to the audience
> Parody, mockery & absurdity - on social issues.

As you can see from the tools list, the theatrical form of Bouffon lends itself to an exploration of the distortion of feminine power within our cultural & political experience.
Want to create a performance which is enlivening, honest & unique? Are you ready to draw on personal & socially lived experience as material for creative expression? And as an act of empowerment for yourself and other womxn? You’re in the right place!

This laboratory is a creative exploration. We invite participants to draw on their own personal experience, and we’ll share our own where supportive to the process. This inner work will be source material for artistic expression. The workshop is not a therapeutic space, but a space which seeks to honour & support your personal reflection. Deborah has trained in Systemic Constellations (Family Constellations) and both Robyn & Deborah have extensive experience facilitating theatre workshops which hold space for personal process as part of creative practice.

26th & 27th Feb

Timing: 2pm -5:30pm *GMT/ UK Time* on Sat & Sun
with a 20 min break
You'll receive an email with the ZOOM LINK once your booking is complete.

All who identify as womxn are welcome.
This course is suitable for clowns, actors and performers interested in broadening their repertoire and exploring feminist issues in their work.
If you’re not sure if your level of experience would support you to join this workshop, please email deborahantoinett@gmail.com and we will be happy to help identify if the workshop would be right for you.

Please wear clothes you are free to move in, have a bottle of water & your notepad to hand.

To book your place please choose the appropriate price tier for you. It’s an honesty based system. Once you’ve paid for your place please complete your booking by filling out the pre-workshop questionnaire. This helps us understand your previous experience, and supports us to support you. If for any reason we think this might not be the right workshop for you, we’ll get in touch to let you know and refund your ticket. In most cases we’ve found people who book onto this workshop find Laboratory of the Un-Beautiful because it does suit what they need. https://forms.gle/jyggMzxEqJU2e8P76

£80 ‘pay it forward’
£70 ‘a spot for you’
£60 ‘a supported place’
Book via HeadfirstBristol.co.uk

“Amazing! Super exploratory, very deep, surprisingly deep, powerful, full of laughs, well held and very inspiring. I like the fact that it explored the darker stuff of our souls - not always given space in our society… I also didn’t expect to meet such a lovely group of people! ”
Imogen, Massage Therapist, Bristol Laboratory of The Un-Beautiful Weekend Intensive

“I knew I just NEEDED it when I saw the description!! I have experience in clown but I really needed something to shake me up and I'd never done Bouffon. The fact that it was centered on women, connected with themes I've been investigating and living! Exploring ourselves and the idea of femininity through play, wholeheartedly delighting in dark, sticky bits.”
Kaeridwyn, Performer - Facilitator, London Laboratory of The Un-Beautiful Afternoon

“A must for anyone wanting to take their connection with and ideas for theatre work a little closer to a devilish cutting edge. Held so competently by both Deborah and Robyn whose professional experiences clearly came to the fore.”
Suzan, Creative Therapist, Bristol Laboratory of The Un-Beautiful Weekend Intensive

“I was inspired by the obvious knowledge and experience of Deborah and Robyn in taking participants on a journey of embodied explorations! It met my need to experience a workshop that takes these topics (such as patriarchy) into the body and plays with them as a radical act that has the power to shift thinking and experiencing. I was keen to learn and engage with theatrical devices and exercises that could support these explorations, of which there were plenty here.”
Jess, Student, Bristol Laboratory of The Un-Beautiful Weekend Intensive

"I was so buzzed after last night's workshop and feel great today for the challenge of exploring play… I felt like my eyes were sparkling. It's like magic!"
Ava, Workshop Participant, 'Clown, Fool, Play' by Deborah

"The course gives you a feeling of self-worth. It is a safe space which banishes all writer's blocks… This course is probably the best creative thing that I have done during the lockdown. ”
Andrew, Workshop Participant, 'IMAGINARIUM' by Deborah

“I felt validated and much happier in my own skin. I became more grounded which also changed the timbre of my voice. Whatever my mood at the beginning of a session, I always came away after it feeling better. I am/was a bit of a perfectionist, so it has been a gift to be free to fail and find delight in that.”
Participant, 'Zoom Clown 1' The Online Clown Academy by Robyn

“That its feckin’ brilliant and clever and well organised and professional and full of useful information and teaching on being a total idiot in this stupid world of numpties we live in.”
Participant, 'Personal & Political Clown Course' The Online Clown Academy by Robyn

Deborah is a writer-performer, storyteller & trainer. She facilitates transformational workshops which invite participants to discover their unique creative voice & body.
For Deborah, stories hold the potential for deep healing, and comedy offers the possibility of irreverently unveiling the absurd ways the world can be. She digs into myths, flies with the magic of fairytale and revels in writing theatre sketches that shake-shit-up.

Her explorations of story and Self extend to the realm of Systematic Constellations - a collective healing practise which focuses on our personal stories and seeks movement where relationships and narratives become stuck. She is the co-creator of comedy show 'Queen C**t: Sacred or Profane?', movement show 'Raven' and storytells 'Inanna', 'Sacred Bees', 'Owl Woman' and more - many of which hold feminist themes.

Deborah trained at London International School of Performance Art, now Arthaus Berlin, with Thomas Prattki & Amy Russel, in the Lecoq pedagogy.

Robyn is a Bristol-based director, teacher and performer. With over 20 years experience she is a passionate practitioner of clowning, physical theatre, circus and street arts. She has a MA in Circus Directing, a Diploma of Physical Theatre Practice and trained with a long line of inspiring teachers including Holly Stoppit, Giovanni Fusetti, Jon Davison, Zuma Puma, Deanna Fleysha, Igne Barkauskaite and Maggie Irving.

Robyn has collaborated with companies including Let’s Circus, The Sexual Health Circus and Whispering Wood Folk and performed with acclaimed physical theatre companies including, Derevo, Akhe, Oceanallover, and Gappad as well as her own award-winning company, Fun in the Oven Theatre.

During the pandemic in 2020, Robyn set up The Online Clown Academy with Holly Stoppit and developed a series of Zoom Clown Courses. Robyn’s research, started during her Masters, has been exploring the meeting point of clowning and activism, online, in the real world and with international collaborators. With this drive to explore political edges of her work she has also dived back into the world of the Bouffon; training with Jaime Mears, Nathaniel Justiniano, Eric Davis, Tim Licata, Al Seed and the grand master Bouffon-himself; Philippe Gaulier.
Laboratory of The Un-Beautful at ONLINE (UK Time) in Bristol
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