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Monday 19th April 2021

Imaginarium - 8 week course

— Online
Come exercise the creative muscle of your mind
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Cobwebs covering corners of imagination? A croaky voice that could ring clear? Hands, whole body - tingling to tell stories?

Come exercise the creative muscle of your mind & body. For artists, entrepreneurs & those in business or charity sectors all welcome.

We've each felt how crucial connecting to our own unique ideas is in enabling our work to move forward.

Experience the POWER OF PLAY.
Explore the VOICE as a tool TO ENGAGE.
Harness the CAPACITY OF YOUR BODY to move your audience.

Deborah Antoinette acclaimed Theatre-maker & Storyteller, and trained Constellator will sensitively guide you through theatre warm-ups & offer you tools to get your imagination fired-up! You'll stretch your body, open your voice and connect to your ideas with light, playful, openness.

Whether you're giving a presentation next week, writing a funding proposal or sculpting your next masterpiece - IMAGINARIUM will give you that bit of supported YOU-TIME to reinvigorate the why of what you do, and the fun of being you!

Check out these monthly FREE TASTERS here:
7-9pm on Mondays
Spaces are limited.

CONNECTING TO PLAY - WEEKS 1 & 2 We'll explore your inner-child's impulse to play. We'll get know your unique ways of playing and do lots of group, pair and individual excercises to increase your sense of 'yes' to your own imagination.

We'll scratch the surface of this wonderful theatrical tradition that connects your inner-child to the space around you, we'll work with objects, the red nose & costume pieces.

FOOL - WEEKS 5 & 6
Taking a look at the basic principles of fooling we'll figure out how our voices, sounds, words and varying emotions can come into our play.

Dipping into some improvised storytelling & working with a short fairytale we'll get to know how the state of playfulness is fundamental to performance-stroytelling
FACILITATION with Deborah Antoinette:

Deborah is a storyteller, comic sketch writer-performer & facilitator. For her, stories hold the potential for deep healing, and laughter offers the possibility of irreverently unveiling the absurd ways the world can be. She digs into myths, flys with the magic of fairytale and revels in writing theatre sketches that shake-shit-up.
Her explorations of story and Self extend to the realm of Systematic Constellations - a collective healing practise which focuses on our personal stories and seeks movement where relationships and narratives are stuck.
She is the co-creater of comedy show 'Queen C*t Sacred or Profane?', movement show 'Raven' and storytells 'Inanna', 'Sacred Bees', 'Owl Woman' and many more.

Event photos for Imaginarium - 8 week course:

Imaginarium - 8 week course at Online
Imaginarium - 8 week course in Bristol 2021

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