'Impartiality' in Journalism: Q&A with Hamza Syed at Online
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A event on Monday 27th November. The event starts at 19:00.

Join The Bristol Cable for a special online Q&A with award-winning journalist Hamza Syed, co-host of The New York Times & Serial's award-winning hit podcast The Trojan Horse Affair.

It's clear, particularly since Oct 7th, that the standard of 'impartiality' in journalism is failing. How can we make sense of this? And what needs to happen for the industry to be more *accurate*, and build greater integrity, rather than engaging in 'both-sidesism' and toeing a political line?

After leaving a medical career to study journalism, Syed took a student project about the infamous 'Trojan Horse letter' to podcaster Brian Reed. Their collaboration produced not only one of the most successful podcasts of the last decade, but a dramatic and revelatory story about the limits of (so-called) objectivity and impartiality in journalism, something which has become all too clear again in the last few weeks.

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