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Saturday 10th April 2021

Exploring Constellations

— online
A therapeutic practise: enabling us to explore personal or creative-work dilemmas with a group.
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Systemic Constellations is a therapeutic practise which enables individuals to explore questions with a group.

The field of work practised internationally is currently expanding & is applied to creative projects (theatre & film) as well as to personal process & personal development.

You are invited to bring personal or creative questions to this day workshop.

The facilitator, in this case me, invites the group to represent people, places and sometimes emotions & forces which are affecting the person who has brought their question/issue.

By identifying where things feel stuck the facilitator seeks to bring movement through the Constellation.

I am excited to invite you into a space of learning and exploration as I share some basic theory using embodied excercises, and I will offer 4 or 5 Constellations during the day.


For those who have some grounding & training in therapeutic work - as this is a group for me to develop my practise as a recent graduate in this method (I trained with https://www.thecsc.net).

If you have a creative project you would like to explore using the constellations process, it is also recommended you have some experience of personal work as well - as this session also welcomes personal questions, and the exploration others' bring may affect us on a personal level.

It is low cost and for those who are able to hold themselves in their process. The group will be no more than 10 people.


For the chance to practise and develop my work with you - I will hold a safe space for sharing and a laboratory style learning environment so we can explore and ask questions about the process.
**NOTE - you will be joining 6 others who attended a regular Exploring Constellations group before lockdown. There are 4 more spaces.


£30-£50 depending on means


**IMPORTANT - if viable with current restrictions the event will happen outside somewhere in the BS2/BS5 area.


Saturday 10th April
10am - 6pm
PHOTOGRAPH by Michael Davies

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