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Thursday 15th April 2021

Cancelled: Laugh, Breathe, Move with Lauren

— Online
Did you know that laughing can relieve stress and help you think more creatively?
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⁠⁠Lauren Sweeney is a laughter workshop leader and combines laughter, breathing exercises, meditation and grounding dance to help you feel revitalised and restored. She has teamed up with BREATHE. PLAN. DO to create a session specifically aimed at creative industry workers. ⁠⁠
Based on the principles of Laughter Yoga which uses the power of intentional laughter with movement and breathing exercises to promote positive healing effects, Lauren will take you on a joyful and silly journey that will surely lift your spirits and reconnect you with the joie de vivre that we are all craving at this time!⁠⁠
Laugh, Breathe, Move with Lauren at Online in Bristol
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