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Thursday 17th December 2020

The Dark Circle

— Online
A space to befriend our darkness; bring all aspects of our womxnhood into expression.
price: Join The Dark Circle, tiered pricing to suit means Headfirst Tickets


Join Kimbers Rogers and Deborah Antionette for this monthly offering. The Dark Circle is an online gathering for womxn that supports connection, expression and transformation. Rooted in the mythology and wisdom of the Dark Feminine, the Dark Circle represents a space in which we can befriend our darkness; bringing all aspects of our womanhood into expression.

Dark Circles are an online sharing circle for womxn to share their feelings & to be heard. The circle starts at 7.30pm and finishes at 9.00pm. The circles will be online to maximise accessibility and ensure we can be consistent with our meetings during the current times.

Based on the format of a traditional women's circle whereby the holding of the group provides a non-judgemental space that allows each person sharing to hear themselves and potentially find a deeper insight into them-self as a result. There is no feedback or interpretation of your sharing.

The Dark Circle sets itself apart as there is a specific welcome to darker aspects of ourselves - anger, pain, sorrow, uncertainty and anxiety. This invitation is anchored in an understanding of the power of the archetype of the Dark Feminine.

The ancient archetypes of empowered women look vastly different to what we have come to expect today. Their storied myths and the wild wisdom contained in them offer us an alternative template in which to explore a sense of self which is rooted in the integration of all aspects of our womanhood. The Dark Feminine’s wisdom teaches us that the unknown places within us which we consider to be our most shadowy parts, in actuality represent the fertile and Heartlands of all-that-we-are. It is from this place that we can embody the fullest expression of all-that-we-can-be.

This is a womxns sharing circle which supports the voicing of all aspects of self which society at large attempts to deny or silence. It is a supportive compassionate energetic presence in which to have your own expression witnessed by other womxn who are also befriending their darkness.

*You do not need previous experience of attending womxns circles.

Please note this event is for all: cis and trans womxn, as well an non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of womxn.

*You will need a device which can access Zoom. Once you have booked on, you will be emailed the zoom link and passcode.

Thursday 17th December

Dates for 2021 TBC.

Investment: £5/6/7 per person. (Please contact us directly on kimbers@thedarkfeminine.co.uk if you would like to attend but finances are limited).

About the hosts;

Deborah Antionette:

Deborah is a performer, storyteller, theatre-maker & facilitator. For her, stories hold the potential for deep healing, and laughter offers the possibility of irreverently unveiling the absurd ways the world can be. She digs into myths, flys with the magic of fairytale and revels in writing theatre sketches that shake-shit-up. Her explorations of story and Self extend to the realm of Systematic Constellations - a collective healing practise which focuses on our personal stories and seeks movement where relationships and narratives are stuck. She is the co-creater of comedy show 'Queen C*t Sacred or Profane?', movement show 'Raven' and storytells 'Inanna', 'Sacred Bees' and many more - all of which hold feminist themes.


Kimbers Rogers:

Kimbers is an experienced facilitator, teacher and Reiki Master, having worked with and directed groups in community, corporate and spiritual environments for over ten years. A natural empath and intuitive healer, she brings the wealth of her own emergent journeying and healing with the Dark Feminine to workshops, retreats and events, and is deeply committed to womxn’s empowerment both individually and collectively. An innovative and passionate advocate for womxns equality; she is motivated by new and progressive methods of approaching womanhood that embrace integrated healing, non-duality and radical acceptance.


The Dark Feminine is an emergent movement dedicated to the empowerment of all womxn through a higher understanding and acceptance of our darker aspects; and the wisdom contained therein. Upcoming events which explore this archetype further and her template for healing & transformation are:

Meeting the Dark Feminine (London): 13th March 2020

Befriending the Dark Femiinine - 2 day non-residential (Bristol): April 2021 TBC

Dark Feminine: A Wild Immersion - 3 night retreat: July 2021 TBC

For more info on any of these events please contact kimbers@thedarkfeminine.co.uk


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The Dark Circle at Online in Bristol
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