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Tuesday 25th May 2021

Writing Hour with Everyday Magazine

— Online
A free online event to help you write.
price: entry is free


FB EVENT: https://fb.me/e/23GkTpzQB

Struggle to find the motivation to just sit down and write?

Or just feel like you've slightly lost control over a piece and you're about *that* close to giving up?
Wellllll... we may have a solution for you.

An hour over zoom, every month, where you can either:
Turn audio and camera off, and just literally sit there in silence and write. You can say hello, say what you're working on and then switch off camera etc and get to work - or you don't even need to introduce yourself at all.
Use it for feedback. Share your work or a specific problem you're having with a piece and get some friendly feedback.

We'll all be here as a community and as equals - just as a way to keep us motivated to write. Think of it like a gym membership motivating you to exercise but instead of exercising it's writing, and instead of Lycra and treadmills, it's tea and new found friendships.

It will be very casual and you don't need to be working on a piece for the Everyday mag - we're not the jealous type.

The link to the Zoom will be posted 10 mins before it starts in the FB event.

See you there

The Everyday Magazine (www.theeverydaymagazine.co.uk) is a community magazined based in Bristol with over 600 writers.
Writing Hour with Everyday Magazine  at Online in Bristol
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