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Wednesday 16th February 2022

Hot Poets Workshop - Council of Scientists & Poets

— Online
An opening session where scientists and poets come together to share ideas, have dialogue and discuss climate communication challenges.
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Writers, poets and activists at all levels are invited to take part in an online writing and creative journey to become better climate change advocates, to write poetry and spoken word that goes further, deeper, more imaginatively into the climate change fight, leaving behind the tired cliché and doom narrative – while helping vision a better, safer more extraordinary future.

Led by Hot Poets Artistic Directors Chris Redmond and Liv Torc and supported by Hot Poet scientists working at eight climate change organisations from around the world, including the Met Office, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Manchester University and Beach Co-op, South Africa – you will get to learn from the experts about what they need most from Artists.

This event is an introductory session to a 5 week writing course but we welcome anyone to attend without joining in with the rest of the course. This session is where scientists and poets come together to share ideas, have dialogue and discuss climate communication challenges. We will invite each science/environmental partner to set an area of investigation/provocation that the poets can choose to look into during the coming workshops.

This session is included in the full five week course fee (tickets available for the full course are available here https://hdfst.uk/E70825) but this event can also be attended separately as a stand alone event by booking using this page.

About Hot Poets
Hot Poets is a national project bringing poetry and science together to imagine a better possible future. In collaboration with the Met Office, the London School of Economics, the RSPB and nine other climate change partners, Tongue Fu's Chris Redmond, Liv Torc curated poems of agency and action for COP26 and life beyond, written by 12 of the UK and Africa’s most well-known spoken word artists, working with scientists, climate educators and engineers from leading environmental organisations and charities across the world. To find out more about Hot Poets please head to www.hotpoets.org

Artist Videos:

HOT POETS - Zena Edwards, Mother of the Forest, written for the Word Forest Organisation
HOT POETS - Matt Harvey, Praise the Whale written for Whale and Dolphin Conservation
HOT POETS - Vanessa Kisuule, The Earth's Thirst, written in collaboration with the RSPB
HOT POETS - Yomi Ṣode, Chaos in the Sky and on Land, written for the the University of Manchester
HOT POETS - Jonny Fluffypunk, Put the Children by a Tree, written for Forest Schools Birmingham
HOT POETS - Chris Redmond, Green Futures; The Earth is Waiting, written for The Weather Makers
HOT POETS - Elvis McGonagall, Extreme Weather Report, written for the Met Office
HOT POETS - Francesa Beard, Geology Rocks!, written for the British Geological Survey

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