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Thursday 28th January 2021

Moon Walks - Now Fully Booked

— Outside
Take your friend on a Full Moon Walk! - Guided walk & mindful walking experience
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Take your friend on a Full Moon Walk! Feel the eyes of the non-human world on your skin. Take a moment to celebrate the wild world around you. Get your body in tune with the rhythm of the dark night.

On each full moon of 2021 I’ll be leading a walk from sunset out into the moon-lit night whatever the weather. I’d like to invite you to come along! The only catch is the old Covid-19 - so until it’s safe to lead in-person walks I’m creating walking guides to accompany you on a moonlit stroll.

The guide outlines a one hour walking route in Bristol and includes several mindful walking exercises to try out along the way as well as some suggestions of small moon based rituals you can partake in. What is mindful walking? It’s simply a way to help you focus on being in the moment by checking in with the sensations in your body. The exercises are a really simple way to help us connect to the environment around us and find new ways to enjoy walking together.


The ideal time to start this walk is on Thursday 28th January at 4.50pm, though if that is not a good time for you, you could choose a time with your friend from dusk between 27th - 30th January (this is when the moon is fullest.)

Book the event here on Headfirst's website and once I have your email address I’ll send you a guide to print out.
On this walk you may encounter:
Feeling a bit cold
The moon’s glow on your face
Noticing new sensations in your body
Some nice views of Bristol

Some of this walk will be off road, sometimes on uneven ground. You can follow the walk at your own pace with your friend, you don’t need to be an experienced walker to take part. The route has some quite steep steps, some of the path is muddy and some of the route is unlit.

The walks are designed to explore some of the fantastic green areas of our city and some weird back roads and dark allies. Do the walk with a friend so you can share the experience and keep each other safe while you bask in the glory of the moonlight!

The Full Moon is a magical time to be outside! It offers a strange new perspective on a familiar world. I often find that a place I know intimately can appear totally different in the dark; I notice different things; wildlife, plant life, human activity, different shapes and shadows. I invite you to step out of your normal routine and celebrate the full moon. I truly believe that taking a moment each month to stop and reflect can help prevent everything just blurring into one long grind. (Maybe you don’t feel like this about your life but hey a regular walk with a friend at dusk is magic!)


Who is the person leading this walk?

I am Jo Hellier, a Bristol based artist and outdoor facilitator who has been making work in and inspired by nature for 11 years. My work stems from a fascination and love of the non-human world and a desire to explore and deepen our relationship to it.

My practice is a mix of listening, increasing sensory awareness and training the imagination. My work takes the form of performance, installation, nature connection workshops and leading seasonal celebrations.

I co-run ‘Coven Oven’ a supper club born out of a desire to bring people together to celebrate and connect to the seasons and the land through food & ritual. I am also the Project Coordinator at The Bristol Bike Project, a community project in St Pauls. I’m in the process of training to become a mountain leader to support my outdoor art practice and facilitation work.


Keep your eyes peeled for future full moon walks, each month will be a different route with new exercises. Later in the year I intend to start leading in-person group walks.

Hope to see you out there basking in the moonlight!

Any questions please get in touch.

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Moon Walks - Now Fully Booked at Outside in Bristol
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