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Wednesday 16th February 2022

Full Moon Walk

— Outside
Join me on a group walk on the full moon!
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Throughout 2022 I’ll be leading a group walk on the evening of each full moon. We’ll set off at sunset, out into the moon-lit night whatever the weather. I’d like to invite you to come along and celebrate the wild world around you through moon magic and nature connection exercises!

The guided walks are structured like a workshop, beginning with a welcome and an invitation to learn some mindful walking techniques. What is mindful walking? It’s a way to help you focus on being in the moment by connecting to the sensations in your body. I’ll introduce a couple of different exercises along the walk to help us connect to the environment around us and find new ways to enjoy walking together.

Walking at night, especially on the full moon, feels very magical and it’s something people have enjoyed forever! I often find that a place I know intimately can appear totally different in the dark; I hear and notice different things; wildlife, plant life, human activity and different shapes & shadows. It offers a strange new perspective on a familiar world.

I truly believe that taking a moment each month to stop and reflect and do something out of your normal routine can help prevent everything just blurring into one long slog. Marking the full moon provides a moment to stop and reflect on the month that’s passed and set intentions for the month ahead.

It’s rare for many of us to walk in the city at night without feeling fearful. Walking in a group at night is a simple act of everyday creative resistance, reclaiming a space for the pedestrian!

This month the moon is at its fullest on Wednesday 16th. Once you have bought your ticket I’ll send you the exact meeting location for our walk and a kit list of things you will need.

This month's walk starts in Ridgeway Park Cemetery, Eastville at 4.45pm

The walks are designed to explore some of the fantastic green areas of our city and some weird backroads and dark alleys. I will lead the walk with help from my friend Katherine, who will head up the rear and make sure no one's getting lost.

Most of this walk is off road, sometimes on uneven ground. We will adjust our speed to the slowest in the group and make sure we are all keeping up - you don’t need to be an experienced walker to take part. The route has some quite steep slopes and steps, some of the path is muddy and most of the route is unlit.


Who is the person writing these guides?

I am Jo Hellier, a Bristol based artist and outdoor facilitator who has been making work in and inspired by nature for 11 years. My work stems from a fascination and love of the non-human world and a desire to explore and deepen our relationship to it. My practice is a mix of listening, increasing sensory awareness and training the imagination. My work takes the form of performance, installation, nature connection workshops and leading seasonal celebrations.

I co-run ‘Coven Oven’ a supper club born out of a desire to bring people together to celebrate and connect to the seasons and the land through food & ritual. I’m in the process of training to become a mountain leader to support my outdoor art practice and facilitation work.

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