LIGHT and DARK 16mm Bolex Workshop at Pennywell Studios

A event on Saturday 30th November. The event starts at 11:00.

Participants will explore the range of effects that the wind-up Bolex camera offers, such as time lapse, double exposure, macro, extended exposures and single frame. We will shoot some film to test these techniques. The next day we will process the film in the BEEF darkroom. You will learn how to develop in caffenol and how to duplicate film through positive/negative reverse tone contact print filmstrips. We will also reflect on ways in which film-makers have manipulated elements of light and dark.

Vicky Smith has been making, screening, writing about, teaching and curating experimental film for 30 or so years. She has run direct-on-film multi-projection workshops at the London Film-Makers Co-op (1990s) and Vivid Media Arts, Birmingham (2010). ‘Vicky Smith’s Bicycle Tyre Track (2012-14) elegantly integrated into one simple action each phase in the production and exhibition of a film … the resulting ‘film’ was immediately fed into a projector and the audience was regaled with a few seconds of abstract film dominated by leaping black shapes and an exploding soundtrack’ (Cate Elwes, 2015: 221-2).

Materials and tea and coffee will be provided for all Workshops.

Workshop is Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December, 11- 5pm
Both days and can be attended separately or together.

BEEF, Pennywell Studios, Pennywell Road, Old Market, Bristol, BS5 OTL
**BEEF entrance is on L/H side of Main Pennywell Studios by the Muay Thai Gym sign

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