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Sunday 4th April 2021

Video and Activism

Films and discussion from the activist video creation project at Base
price: Headfirst Tickets


Base is a self-organised space in Easton (formerly knows as Kebele). Among other projects it is home to a group of activists who are currently busy turning activist leaflets and zines into videos that can be shared and accessed by a much wider audience.

This hour long session will feature two short videos from the team, followed by Q&As.

Video As Communicative Tool For Activism
Self created video with informative or educational content can make activism and campaigning more effective, yet the most used form of communication in self-organised spaces are leaflets, zines and posters. Much of that messaging – with anything as short as a zine – can be done using video.

The effort to create a video is about the same as creating leaflets and zines. The text on a leaflet or zine can be voiced, accompanied by imagery that assists the spoken text. The physical set up is complete with a camera, a device that can record voice and a device that can download and run a basic video editor.

This short film will share the aims and practices of the video creation project and an invitation to come and join in.

5.30 Self-organized Spaces And The Example Base Social Center Bristol
BASE is run on a number of core principles, which reflect the sort of world BASE members want to see and help bring into reality. It is these principles which make BASE a radical social centre. Instead of waiting for that ever far away big moment of revolution, or for leaders and authorities to sort out our problems, we recognise that we can make fundamental changes here and now, in the ways we organise, communicate, interact and take action. This is the everyday revolution. BASE aims to be a living example, albeit on a small scale, of other possibilities.

This short film will share the experiences of working in a self-organised space and will be followed by a Q&A discussion after.

TICKETS: The suggested donation of £4 will help us keep the School of Activism as accessible & low-cost as possible, £8 will subsidise a ticket for someone else - but no-one turned away through lack of funds!

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The School of Activism 2.0 is a two week programme of workshops, talks and activities brought to you by Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft over the Easter holidays. The workshops are intended to be empowering experiences equipping people with the tools to challenge the status quo, contest power structures and ultimately to change the world.

We learn by doing. We make our own future.

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