The Rentier City - book launch at PRSC
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"Bristol Transformed hosts this deep dive into the history of Manchester’s radical gentrification. Isaac Rose guides us through his new book, touching on the myths and mechanics of neoliberal urban regeneration and working class resistance on the ground in “Manc-hatten”."

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A event held at PRSC on Tuesday 11th June. The event starts at 19:00.

(Tickets are pay-what-you-can with a suggested minimum donation of £3.00 in order to help cover venue costs. There are some limited free tickets as well for people who will struggle to contribute this.)
Author Isaac Rose joins us to discuss his new book "The Rentier City: Manchester and the Making of the Neoliberal Metropolis"!

Info on the book:

In cities across the world, gentrification and the housing crisis are facts of life. But how did we get to this point? And is there any way we can fight back?

A good place to begin answering these questions is Manchester, England. Over the last thirty years, corporate developers, rentier capitalists and boosterist politicians have reshaped Manchester in their image, replacing its working-class communities, public spaces and affordable housing with skyscrapers, luxury developments and a private rental market that creates wealth for rentiers and impoverishes everybody else.

The Rentier City traces this story, showing how it fits within the longer history of Manchester. In doing so unveils a larger story of the relationship between capital and our cities, between rentier and rentee, and gives us a blueprint of how fight back against rentier capitalism and take back control of the cities we live in.
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