Capitalism: A Horror Story - book launch at PRSC
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"Revolutionary writing spotlit by the team behind Bristol Transformed! Jon Greenaway’s new work explores philosophy, politics and popular culture to form a “Gothic Marxism manifesto”: a deep dive into the hellscape of late capitalism that finds glimmers of radical potential amid the gloom."

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A event held at PRSC on Tuesday 16th July. The event starts at 19:00.

(Tickets are pay-what-you-can with a suggested minimum donation of £3.00 in order to help cover venue costs. There are some limited free tickets as well for people who will struggle to contribute this.)
Author Jon Greenaway host of the Horror Vanguard joins us to discuss his new book "Capitalism: A Horror Story"! He will be in conversation with Mark Steven author of Splatter Capital.

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A horror-story history of capitalism and its relationship to the haunted and the gothic, and a manifesto of Gothic Marxism, which finds revolutionary hope in the nightmare of modernity.

What does it mean to see horror in capitalism? What can horror tell us about the state and nature of capitalism?

Blending film criticism, cultural theory, and philosophy, Capitalism: A Horror Story examines literature, film, and philosophy, from Frankenstein to contemporary cinema, delving into the socio-political function of the monster, the haunted nature of the digital world, and the inescapable horror of contemporary capitalist politics.

Revitalizing the tradition of Romantic anticapitalism and offering a “dark way of being red”, Capitalism: A Horror Story argues for a Gothic Marxism, showing how we can find revolutionary hope in horror- a site of monstrous becoming that opens the door to a Utopian future.
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