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Tuesday 19th October 2021

“Do you want some toxic masculity with that?"

When toxic masculinity meets its match
price: Headfirst Tickets


The People's Theatre presents, “Do you want some toxic masculinity with that?”

The play is about the negative, insidious consequences of toxic masculinity, of not opening up / speaking your truth / dealing with the root causes of whatever mental health issue you may be facing. At the same time, the play showcases the positive, cathartic effects that opening up and owning your reality has for each and every one of us. Who will you empathize with more?

As the play is performed, you’ll wonder how many people on Park Street, Stokes Croft, Kings Street and so on are suffering in silence… Are enacting the very ills the play hopes to expose… Both through comedy and tragedy.

This October run runs from the 15th October to the 19th October

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“Do you want some toxic masculity with that?"  at PRSC in Bristol
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