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Friday 14th June 2019

Nuit 02 : Spiritflesh, Fatamorgana & Salander

— Rough Trade Bristol
Nuit is back with a last minute double headline show with Fatamorgana & Spiritflesh
price: Headfirst Tickets


⏳ CONTRE presents a last minute NUIT 02 ⏳

Let's be honest with you, we were not expecting to be back that soon. We can hardly believe this is happening but this is happening. Yes this is very short notice. So what ? Like you'd have better things to do that day ?

This time, we're thrilled to bring you two bands that we haven't been able to stop listening to over the past months, after they both delivered incredible debut albums. Look at this proper treat we got for you, seriously, LOOK AT IT

>>>> L I N E - U P <<<<

SPIRITFLESH (Grave on Avon, UK)

Every vision of purgatory is purely subjective and changes from one individual to another. Wether you believe in it or not, you can surely picture a purgatory in your head right now. The one drawn by Spiritflesh is most definitely a huuuuge echo-chamber, reverberating some of the filthiest rattling noises heard in the Bristol area in recent times. We still haven't fully recovered from their successive EP and album releases on the ever excellent No Corner last year,

This bicephalous entity formed by DJ October and Borai sits right at the junction where bone scratching industrialia, hallucinatory dub and sludge-techno meet. Incidentally the same crossroad where pleasure and pain embrace each other, that's what Spiritflesh is the soundtrack of. You've been warned.


In an ever expanding sea of soulless synth-pop, sometimes a new continent rises above the surface. Fatamorgana's debut album for vital label La Vida Es Un Mus is one of those, and it appeared with such brilliance that it's been almost impossible to take it off the deck since its release earlier this year.

Hailing from Catalunya, and deeply rooted in the DIY punk scene, the duo manages to make urgency and elegance collide without falling into any kind of pointless revivalism. The result is a stunning collection of dream-punk bangers and sheer synth-escapism, as simple and beautiful as that. We're over the moons to have them performing for the first time in Bristol so bring your most emotional dance-moves, and let them do their magick.

SALANDER (Bristol, UK)

Some of you might have witnessed her stunning set at The Bristol Germ's Dot 2 Dot take-over. Add to that a gorgeous collection of emotionally charged ambient snapshots uploaded on Bandcamp, and you can easily understand that we got triggered in the best possible way.

So is break-core ambient a thing yet ? Is it really necessary to choose between Caterina Barbieri and Alec Empire ? Will I be able to finish this blurb without highlighting the fact Daniel Lopatin became a living Meme ? Will there be blood ? Will there be tears ? Don't expect some answers, just let the magick happen. We're quite sure this is gonna be a gorgeous opening set so you better come fucking early.

Rough Trade Bristol
3 New Bridewell, Nelson Street

£5 ADV tickets
£6 OTD
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Artist Videos:


Artist Audio:

Spiritflesh - Menace - NC12006 - NoCorner

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