Alpaca Presents | Every Hell + Support at Rough Trade Bristol
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A gig held at Rough Trade Bristol on Friday 5th July. The event starts at 20:00.

Alpaca Presents
Every Hell
+ Support

Intricately smashing together their influences, Every Hell have created their very own flavour - ‘Doom Pop’. They are:

Will Gardner (Black Peaks/Skin Failure - Vocals & Saxophone
Toby Stewart (Memory of Elephants/No Violet) - Guitar & Vocals
Andrew Gosden (Black Peaks) - Bass & Vocals
Mark Roberts (Broker. Producer/Engineer: Black Peaks, Jamie Lenmam, Delta Sleep) - Drums

PREDECEASED are three WEIRDO RIFFERS that make Grunge that's played too well, Hardcore with riffs that are too weird and punk with too much self-respect. Some bands they’ve toured with are Quicksand, Mclusky, Fall of Troy & JOHN.

Henry Rollins (Black Flag) is a fan. Walter Schreifels (Rival Schools/Quicksand) is a fan. Brian Foss (KEXP) is a fan. Daniel Carter (BBC Radio 1) is a fan. Alyx Holcombe (BBC Radio 1) is a fan. Emily Pilbeam (BBC Radio 6) is a fan. The Fall of Troy are mates. Mclusky think they’re great. Every new fan made at a show has been digging it big time.

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