A gig held at Rough Trade Bristol on Thursday 13th June. The event starts at 20:00.

Donut Records presents

Vistic fronts this 5-piece rock n roll behemoth with his whisky-drenched vocal, incendiary guitar style and hypnotic stage presence, John E. Vistic is a well-known figure on the Bristol and West Country live circuit. Inspired by great song writers such as Cave, Cohen and Dylan as well as guitar bands, like The Drones, The Stooges, and Dinosaur Jr, John E Vistic's mission is to deliver powerful and iconic rock n roll songs with a raw and bleeding heart.
'The John E Vistic Experience have something special the flavour of old school rock and roll delivered with an originality and freshness that makes it appealing, an energy that is hypnotising and a swagger that draws you in and spits you out when they're done.'

Bristol post-punks and garage rock cultists playing big riff anthems to shake your bits to! described as Lout Rock and Indie doom, The band are gathering a rep on the mean streets of Bristol for their energetic live shows.
"This is a big sounding band, like it belongs in a stadium rather than a small venue. They stride around the gloom on stage at Bristols famous Louisiana venue and seem all knowing. The vocalists exudes the same louche charm ads maybe a young Jack Nicholson and the band seem to have all arrived from gigs with their other bands such is the collision of styles."
-laststopsounds (gig review no 2022)

Following up on the 2022 release of their debut album ‘Monsters & Heroes’, experimental rock four-piece Shoun Shoun (‘shoon-shoon’) are set to release their single ‘We Woke The Monster’.
‘Monsters & Heroes’ was championed by the likes of Louder Than War, Joyzine, as well as BBC Radio 6 and saw them garner airplay from Canada to Berlin.
Shoun Shoun's sound is hard to categorise. Moving between art rock and noise pop they embrace the duality of darkness and bliss, the melody versus the cacophony. The Ying and the Yang. Their music twists, turns and rotates whilst lyrical themes of criminal escapades, the self-destruction of our world or the daily grind remain focused within the psychedelic swirl like the eye of the storm.
‘We Woke The Monster’
With angular melodies and cascading drums, ‘We Woke The Monster’ is a loud condemnation of every terrible relationship you've ever had. The latest single from Bristol based Shoun Shoun loads up their genre defying playstyle to deal with the effects of gaslighting and emotional abuse. It talks about narcissistic people that have an inflated sense of self-importance, a lack of empathy and use charm and deceit to manipulate the people around them. Affected people begin to question their own sanity and reality.
‘We Woke The Monster’ is about waking up to this reality and walking away.

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