BBB Presents the Villainous Kiki Ball at Rumors Bar and Lounge
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"Kingswood is Burning! Pure drag queen pageantry / Ballroom vibes with OTA categories centring QTIBIPOC performers. Walk the walk for the trophy, or just bask in face, shape, sass and realness from the audience."

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Event Cancelled
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A event on Saturday 25th November. The event starts at 16:00.

The Villainous Kiki Ball

Tonight we embawdy the truest baddies and unleash our inner villain, because
sometimes it feels so good to be bad! So let your demons out to fly free!
Allow your deepest desires into the darkest night of the year and release some
villainous energy!

Whilst anyone is welcome to participate, Ballroom is a safe space that prioritises QTIBIPOC (queer, trans, intersex, Black, indigenous people of colour). We ask that all participants and spectators please be mindful and respectful of who the space is for.


1- Face – Ice Queen – One of the cruelest and coldest queens of them all.
Come in an icy fresh look and reign your beautiful face all over us and leave the judges mind blown.

2 - Fashion Killa – Cruella De Vil - Come in look inspired by your favourite version of this glamourous sociopath! Impress the judges with a look that will kill the audience and leave us wanting the skin you own!

3 - Runway – Kill Bill Assassins -
European – Gogo Yubari – She is a seemingly innocent schoolgirl with a huge thrill
for killing. Serve it in an elevated Gogo Yubari effect, meteor hammer optional.
All American – Elle Driver – The one eyed case-of-the-ex assassin is here to slay
and play. Using her iconic eye-patch, pump the runway gaggin the judges with an
inspired Elle Driver look.

4 - Hands Vs Arms – Jigsaw (Saw Franchise) - Imagine you love a lil cray cray
moment and ofc, tricycles! Alongside, chaining people up ofc. Use this iconic face
and your precision and poise to gag the crowd. For 10s, one hand only and tricycle

5 - Tag team performance - Villian & Bestie!
Sidney Prescott & Ghost Face or Mrs. Voorhees & Son Jason. These iconic
twosomes from some of our most classic horrors. Bring it in an effect that is as iconic as these duos! Ghost face or Jason Mask required for 10s.

6- Performance - Chucky franchise: Tiffany is an iconic killer. Glen is an openly
gender non-conforming icon. And Daddy Chucky being the maddest of all! Bring it in a look inspired by the character from your category. MF - Chucky. FF - Tiffany. NB - Glen.

7 - Realness – Everyday Baddie - Some villains have an unclockable look too. Bring
it in their day look and fool us minions! Must bring reference picture.
Sylar – Heroes (TV)
Georgina - Get Out (Film)
Alonzo Harris - Training Day (Film)
Reign - Supergirl (TV)
Norman Bates - Psycho (Film)
Lex Luther – Superman/Smallville (TV)
Anton Chigurh - No Country for Old Men (Film)

Trans Man
Couples Realness

8 - Com Vs Com - Candy Man - Original and remake. For your 10s you must
reference the movie and say the phrase "Candy Man" five times in your chant.

9 - Best Nails - Inspired my Freddie Krueger -
Bring it with a fresh set of nails inspired by his iconic knife glove or the man himself. Must be orange and black with a cohesive look inspired by Freddie.

10 - Tag Team Sex Siren - Corpse Bride & Groom. Getting ready for your wedding
night, bring it in sexy, spooky lingerie suitable for any corpse consummation. For
your 10's you must incorporate your favourite sex position. Reference picture
optional, from the internet or can be of you and your partner as your pre martial

11 - Body – Poison Ivy – The baddie eco-terrorist herself! Show us how you embody
this temptress with your take on a traditional aesthetic of Miss Ivy. Bring it in a leafy look to show off that bawdy awdy awdy!

12 - Best Dressed as a House - Addams Family - Known for living on the fringes of
society and rejecting social norms. They've been said represent queer chosen families/houses. Bring it in a cohesive look worthy of an invitation to the annual Addams Family ball. Monochrome is not mandatory.

13 - Lip Sync - Baddie Bangers! Some if the baddest tracks by the baddest bxtches! -Lil Kim - Lighters Up
Shenseea - ShenYeng Anthem
Megan thee Stallion - Cash Shit
Cardi B - Money
Nicki Minaj - Yikes
Beyonce - Sorry

14 - Shake That Ass - The Wicked Witch of The West - Of course the green witch has to make an appearance ofc. She finds joy in coming up with ways of punishment and toying with her victims. Give it to gawp at with those booty skills. Bring it in a wikkid ‘n’ bad look inspired by her wicked ways. Hat and broom, mandatory.

15 - Baby Vogue - The Joker - When you think villainous this is your guy! Toxic is his middle name and bringing pain and humour is his game. Bring it in a classic joker face and elevate his iconic clownlike jester fashion. Face paints/mask mandatory.

*** Ballroom Terms***
OTA: open to all
FQ (fem queen): trans woman
BQ (butch queen): gay man
FF (female figure): trans woman, drags, cis woman
MF (male figure): transman, butch queen, butch, cis man
NB: non binary
GP: grand prize
TBA: to be announced
Effect: outfit/look
10's: if you get your 10's, you will continue to the battles.
Chop: being cut from the category.
Shade: to throw attitude and indirect insults See less