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Friday 30th September 2022

Thank Drag it's FriGay with Sandra

— Seamus O'Donnell's
Drag Queen/Cabaret
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"Thank Drag it's FriGay" is an evening of songs and adult humour followed by DJ SOD's playing all the best camp classics and party tunes.

This is proper 'old school' cabaret, not a death drop in sight!

Sandra was conceived under the stars next to 2 goats in the West Indies. It was only after her parents had finished, they realised their tent had been nicked. When she was born the midwife slapped her mother twice, and said her daughter had been cursed with an addiction and should leave the island to survive. So in order to give Sandra the best chance, Sandra was tearfully placed in a moses basket, which was tied to the back of a cruise-liner heading for the UK.

On arriving in the UK, Sandra was taken in by a commune in Kings Cross in London. Each night she would bask in the red glow that shone from the porch lights in the front of the house. As she grew older she would help to feed the household that had taken her in, and it was here she developed her signature dish of rice and peas. By the time Sandra was 16 years old, Sandra could take 3 cocks at a time, and sold second-hand watches that she "acquired" to help make ends meet. She finally saved up enough money, and could eventually afford to fly her mum and dad to the UK to join her. She moved out of the commune and in with her parents in Lower Swiss Cottage.

Despite moving to the UK, Sandra's addiction didn't go away, and could only be satisified if she had at least 4 cocks a day. She became known in the local area, and even today can be found frequenting Hampstead Heath, on a sunny day. After chatting with Paul O'Grady she entered the drag scene and became a sucessful performer, and it was the perfect way to satisfy her addiction. Most venues where she performs now has an orderly queue waiting for her...

Given her success, she was able to upgrade the family home and she now lives in Upper Swiss Cottage. A local campaigner in the area, she has formed several petitions to pressure local councils to re-open public toilets which have been closed down in the area, as this is something which is very close to her heart. Sandra still has a tough life, behind the scenes. She dutifully visits her mum in Holloway prison each week, and her father each night in hospital. Her father was recently hospitalised due to hypothermia after shoplifting some turkey twizzlers from Iceland down the front of his trousers. So please show your support for Sandra the next time you see her. xxx

Artist Videos:

Dr Bev sings Wind Beneath my Wings
Faye Tozer, An Appointment with Dr Bev!

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