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Thursday 30th August 2018

Powerdove, FOQL + Copy Corpo & SWIR

— Southville Crypt
Experimental folk from NY & Bristol, plus an AV installation from two Polish artists in an atmospheric crypt
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Cacophonous Sarcophagus return to the crypt beneath St Paul's Church in Southville for another evening of experimental and improvised music. Highly recommended for those who enjoyed the recent evening with Daniel Higgs, Ashley Paul & Wenonah.

(Ithaca, New York)
[Murailles Music]

Super excited to welcome powerdove back to Bristol, after first playing the Zamzamzone a few years back. One of only three UK dates (End of the Road fest and Cafe Oto), miss at ye peril.
For this tour powerdove will be a trio, Annie joined by the unconventional and highly creative musicians Thomas Bonvalet and Chad Popple. Instruments listed on the creation of their latest album 'War Games' include; "voice, sampler, synthesizer, mechanical metronome with bell, six string bass banjo, electric guitar, feet tapping, hand clapping, mouth organ, audio ducker, drum skin, mini amps, subwoofer, microphones, noise gate, concertina, honk horns, “stringin it”, harmonica reeds, cellphone, drums, vibraphone, glockenspiel, percussion"

"This combination Annie’s songwriting is transformed into singular, arresting, and strange pop music, that sees graceful melodies set against raucous percussion arrangements; a music that rumbles with immediate beauty and unsettling events."

"Annie Lewandowski is a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist whose work has situated her between the worlds of improvisation and independent rock music.
As an improviser on the piano and accordion, she has recorded with Fred Frith, the London Improvisers Orchestra, Caroline Kraabel, Tim Feeney, CAGE, and Doublends Vert, and performed with improvisers including Theresa Wong, Miya Masaoka, Chris Cutler, Chris Corsano, Evan Parker, Ellen Fullman, and Charles Hayward.
As a singer, guitarist, and keyboardist, Lewandowski has recorded with rock bands Emma Zunz, Xiu Xiu, The Curtains, Former Ghosts, William Ryan Fritch, and Hawnay Troof."

FOQL + Copy Corpo (AV Installation)
[pronounced fool]
(Łódź, Poland)
(New York Haunted, Pointless Geometry etc.)

Justyna Banaszczyk is a key figure in the contemporary Polish electronic scene. She co-runs the feminist organisation Oramics which strives to highlight female artists in the club/dance realm.
She also has close ties to NYC collective Discowoman and hosts a monthly show on Noods Radio ('Interferencje').
In the UK at the request of ALIEN JAMS for their party at Café OTO, this short tour is a collaboration with visual artist Copy Corpo, producing site-specific AV installations. Generally known for her "heavy, elegant and hypnotic music, standing somewhere between obscure synths and the darker, more industrialized fringes of techno and cold wave/ post-punk influences", we expect she might wander even further off-grid to accommodate for the tone & ambiance of the set & setting...

"Darek Pietraszewski also known as Copy Corpo is an improviser and promoter of independent music, co-founding the cassette label Pointless Geometry. He creates music on electronic and electroacoustic objects. Together with Justyna Banaszczyk he organizes the Warsaw concert series focused on experimental music - "V / A - Various Artist". As VJ Copy Corpo, he creates visualizations based on feedback and video materials from VHS cassettes working within the aesthetics of analog glitch and psychedelic color structures. In his improvised sets he uses analogue video mixers, video cameras and other peripheral devices."

[pronounced shveer]

Sonia Nayar (aka Droni Mitchell) returns to CS after playing the second Schwetfest two years ago. With a background in Georgian choral music (and the Gurt Lush Choir more locally/recently), she uses her gifted voice alongside a myriad of electronic widgets (synths, loopers, pedals etc.) to create a form of noisy folk music that should be right at home alongside powerdove.

Artist Videos:


Artist Audio:

SoundCloud - Son Aya

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