Music In Movement with Luca Macchi and Lottie Ball at St Anne's House
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A event on Saturday 15th July. The event starts at 10:30.

Join musician, songwriter and singing teacher Luca Macchi and dance/movement psychotherapy Lottie Ball for a music and movement workshop from 10.30am - 2.30pm.

The workshop aims to stimulate a shared creative process through games and technique, offering the participants a safe space and the freedom to express themselves creatively.

Working together we will discover shared content and by the end of the session aim to co-create a rough piece of material which fuses music and movement. Devising using the tools learnt in the workshop aims to sow seeds for the participants to continue to play with these ideas and take them into their everyday lives.

This session is welcome to all, and no previous experience is required, just bring yourself and wear comfy clothes for some light movement.

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The session will be held at St Anne's House.

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