MadStillNess with Michael Sebastian at St Dunstan's House
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A event on Saturday 13th July. The event starts at 18:00.

MadStillNess is the concept of using movement and stillness to work through problems in the mind. Combining psychology, yoga, and ecstatic dance, this workshop integrates ancient yogic practices with modern contemporary dance tools and games to help you get out of your mind so the music can guide your movement.

This workshop will be hosted by Phöebe Hares featuring a live, improvised underscore by electronic, jazz, and world music artist Michael Sebastian.

5:30 - 6:00 PM: Doors open, get settled into the space. Grab a cuppa or a cacao.
6:00 - 6:30 PM: Breathwork and meditation.
6:30 - 7:00 PM: Guided yoga and movement sequence.
7:00 - 8:00 PM: Movement games.
8:00 - 9:00 PM: Free movement.

ABOUT MICHAEL @bastiancreations

“an improvisatory joy, a muscular blast of indie-electronics worth filing alongside Bonobo or Bicep” - Clash

Michael Sebastian is a South African artist in London merges contemporary discipline with transcendental spirituality through jazz improvisation and play to create spaces of collective ecstasy. With performances at EartH Hackney, Colour Factory, and support slots for James Blake and Four Tet, as well as being named a top 5 global Sofar artist, Sebastian's music creates an immersive and uplifting atmosphere. His Live Dance Music combines the structure of electronic, the freedom of jazz, and the depth of world music.


Phöebe is a Bristol-born, bred, and based yoga teacher, psychologist, creative, dancer, and movement facilitator. With 8 years of experience supporting vulnerable adults, children, and communities across the globe, Phöebe received a badge of honour from the Mayor of Melbourne for her work during the 2019 Bushfires. For fun, she performs at festivals such as Shindig and Boomtown and has been featured on various BBC shows. Phöebe believes dance is like a fingerprint; everyone has their own unique way of moving. By combining psychology, yoga, and dance, she aims to help people fall in love with movement and self-expression as a way to work through unresolved feelings in the body.

"Dance is like the unspoken language of your body and mind communicating what’s really going on inside, lifting Maya; the veil of ignorance and societal structures' influence over our minds."


The venue is wheel chair accessible, for more details please visit

All bathrooms are gender neutral and wheelchair friendly.

Consent is sexy; please ask before moving with a partner. Dancing can be very vulnerable, even if your energies may seem to align please ask first.

This is a non-judgemental space of ourselves and others. Please leave any comparisons, competition or expectations at the door.

If anything does feel right, if any thoughts or feelings come up please listen to your body. Take some time, be kind to yourself and come speak with us after class.

Please let us know of any mental or physical health concerns before joining this workshop. Any questions? Drop us a DM on or email us at [email protected] <3

Entry requirements: no age restrictions