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Movement Workshop with TIM LYTC

— St George's Bristol
For trans and non-binary folks, this workshop will explore different ways of thinking about the body, and various ways of moving.
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This workshop is open to anyone who identifies as transgender or non-binary.

Our bodies hold many emotions and tensions, and many Trans and Non-Binary folks have difficult feelings and relationships to the body. Yet it physically holds us together and brings together our very self, connecting us to others. In this workshop we will explore different ways of thinking about the body, and various ways of moving.

Inspired by somatic approaches to movement (e.g.: Skinner Releasing Technique, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais), these workshops will be gentle and relaxing. Offerings of increase in body awareness, mindful movement, moving without judgement, and exploring how to move in ways we want to in a safe environment.

We welcome trans and non-binary folks from all movement backgrounds and experience - including anyone with limited mobility. Those with little to no movement experience are particularly encouraged to join this session. It will be very open and chill, offering a space to move, reflect, play and rest, with time at the end of each session to draw, write and discuss any sensations that may arise.

In return, we ask for openness to the process, feedback on the workshop, and permission to include/share your reflections as part of Tim's ongoing research. Workshops will be documented via photos/video/audio recordings, which you can choose to opt out of at any time.

This workshop is hosted in collaboration with Bristol Trans Portraits - you are very welcome to stick around after the workshop and have a look at some of the portraits on display!

TIM LYTC is a Hong Kong-born genderqueer multi-disciplinary dance artist working in film, theatre and creative tech. Their work explores notions of community, representation and the joy of moving, with particular focus on the intersections of Queer bodies and spaces, health and wellbeing, as well as race and heritage. They are a huge advocate for how physical movement can express, communicate and deepen connections with ourselves and others. They seek to merge the many different cultural influences in their life, into work that encourages and inspires collective care, play and rest.

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Movement Workshop with TIM LYTC at St George's Bristol
Movement Workshop with TIM LYTC in Bristol 2022

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