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Friday 20th May 2022

Schwet with Holy Tongue & Ex-Agent

— Strange Brew
Psychedelic post-punk/dub trio and jazz-ish No-wave skronk.
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“Instrumental post-punk spiritually reconstructed by live dub, conjuring ghosts of golden age On U Sound or the bass-heavy groove of Liquid Liquid or Can’s non-existent sessions at Lee Perry’s Blak Ark Studios (why did this never happen?!). These kinds of bands just rarely exist in the 2020s - Holy Tongue are a righteous offering!”
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Finally able to welcome Holy Tongue to Strange Brew after wrangling with set-backzzz for nearly 2 years!
They're bringing their post-punk/dub vision to Bristol on the 20th May with support from local beatniks @ex.agent

You know Val by now?! Surely the most in-demand rhythm monster on this fried land. She's played Schwet in various guises over the years (incl. 4x Tomaga shows, a solo set in the crypt and with UUUU). This new grouping is perhaps her most dancefloor-proof configoration yet, pairing up with Al Wooton (FKA Deadboy) on F'd-up voodoo FX and spiral-melodies. The live band is completed by Susumu Mukai of Vanishing Twin-esteem, driving the monolithic bass.

Abso-crucial FFO: 23 Skiddo, African Head Charge, Muslimgauze, Liquid Liquid, New Age Steppers and Bauhaus at their most red-eyed.

"A thrilling study in live, dance-dub minimalism." - RA

Support comes fom some local beatnix operating as Ex-Agent. I've not seen them play yet and have only heard a 5-min rehearsal-demo that doesn't exist...and yet despite this, I am confident they are going to fkn rip it up proper. It's No-wave in essence, but done with conviction and vigor that cannot be denied. The band I've been waiting for Bristol to deliver for a decade? Hopefully...

Schwet DJs playing fake-dub until Living Sound kicks off with a wicked headliner TBA...

Event photos for Schwet with Holy Tongue & Ex-Agent:

Schwet with Holy Tongue & Ex-Agent at Strange Brew
Schwet with Holy Tongue & Ex-Agent in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Holy Tongue live at Raw Power Festival 2021
Holy Tongue (Live at Arcus Sounds)
Curse Removing

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Holy Tongue

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