SNOG: Rosa Pistola  +Grove at Strange Brew
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"Cumbiatón and guaracha at the Brew! Unmissable Bristol debuts from two hugely influential figures from the Colombian and Mexican underground music scenes: reggaetón queen Rosa Pistola and Latin bass luminary and Paria Records boss Bclip. Plus a live dykehall special from Grove. Huge. "

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A clubnight held at Strange Brew on Friday 21st June. The event starts at 22:30.

Probably the most excited we've ever been about a SNOG

*ROSA PISTOLA (CDMX - La Chekera Rec)*
For the better part of a decade, Colombian born DJ & producer Rosa Pistola has become the arbiter of Mexican reggaetón and Cumbiatón, catapulting the genres into the global consciousness. Flaunting several legendary boiler rooms, an NTS compilation and a 35 minute documentary she made with Resident Advisor 'Estado de Reggaetón', Rosa Pistola is the queen of Mexico City's underground.

Subversive and experimental reggaeton selections that summon suggestive, highly erotic, almost violent atmospheres for the dance floor. A cultural architect putting Cumbiatón to the masses with her label 'La Chekera Rec' and her residencies at NTS & Rinse as 'UNDER MX', she comes to Bristol for the first time to join SNOG at Strange Brew.

FFO: Badgyal, DJ Pablito Mix, Florentino, BADSISTA

*BCLIP (Bogota, Colombia - Paria Records)*
Influenced by the picó (Colombian soundsystem) scene, BCLIP works with a wide spectrum of latin & urban sounds he calls “LA GRA$A”, embodying the countercultural resonance of the ghettos of Barranquilla where he first started out as a selector. Now, a staple of Bogota’s avant-kitsch queer scene, the Paria Records label head is one of the city's most prominent torchbearers for the ever expanding and woefully undocumented genre of Guaracha Colombiana. His live/DJ hybrid show features rapping, rare selections and fingerdrumming picotero.

This will be his first show outside of LatAm, a timeless vanguard of Latin bass music where he consistently championed and pushed the Colombian underground for years, we're super excited to include him on SNOG's roster and will be taking his show further across Europe throughout the Summer

FFO: Nico Parga, Merca Bae, Merdian Brothers

Day 1 snogger and local legend Grove joins the bill for an exclusive ON3 TIME DYKEHALL SESSION on the catwalk. Pussy pussy purr etc. Lesbian riddims. Gully scissoring anthems. They forced us to sign a contract where we have to write the following statement: “I am a little Jamaican scotch bonnet mixed with a rolling Double Gloucester cheese. My locs have whipped all my enemies at least once. I definitely cannot whine”. We begged them to change this clause but in all honesty we're very lucky to have yet another exclusive 1 time show from Grove.

FFO: Fingering, Being Fingered, Gunfingers

*Orderly Room b2b Candy HurtZz (SNOG - dubbed out opening hour)*
FFO: Transexualism, Geezers, Having Lots of Space

* sliding scale info *
- plz consider cost of living, family assets etc when selecting a ticket tier. income isn't everything (maybe you earn over 20k but are a single parent and need to go for the lower tier, maybe you earn just under 16k but get regular support from family/are due inheritance)
- maybe you can afford to pay for it forward for someone who may financially struggle much more than you... ty for being kind ! <3
- nobody turned away for a lack of funds so please get in touch if you need further assistance

Entry requirements: 18+

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