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Friday 25th February 2022

Schwet with Helm, Prangers, Ni Maîtres & Ekstasis

— Strange Brew
A feast of stupefying noise, no-fi abaddon & black-hole psycho)))delia...
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“Helm’s nail-biting, industrialized dronescapes meets Prangers’ DIY percussion collages. One for the weirdos as always: another classic Schwet in the making.”
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Helm is Luke Younger, a London-based sound artist and musician. His textural experimental music, investigates the relationship between acoustic, electronic and real-world sounds. An exploratory industrialist for well over a decade, as well as playing in many hxc/punx bands (Birds of Delay, The Lowest Form & most recently The Chisel), Luke is a fixture of the UK underground.

Prangers are a cultish experimental unit from Rochdale. We've been obsessed with their rural/industrial take on scrap-metal-beat & bass-music-concréte since they first cropped up on Tesla Tapes in early '19. Last year they launched their hyper-DIY label Pyramid Scheme, boshin' out scummy tapes from names like FLOP and TRIPE. With close affiliations to GNOD and the 6a6y6/ATC collectives, yr in safe AF hands.

Ekstasis has been only performing their sonic rituals for a mere few months now, though they are already generating complex modular patches backed by dramatic vocals, pushing an idiosyncratic sound more compelling that 100x synth-fuccbois. Referencing acts such Deathpile, Puce Mary and Gavillan Rayna Russom, their performance will be a tantalising mesh of improvised and conceived soundwaves utilising contact mics, citing tactility as a key element of their latest set-up.

Ni Maîtres are Gareth (Big Naturals/Anthroprophh/Fuck Authority) in cahoots with new drummerboy Lewis. Big Naturals spread a seismic wave of tinnitus across Bristol over last decade before imploding upon their own sheer bassweight. Expect that classic krautpunk energy and free-sludge cacophony, reinvigorated by fresh blood and beats...

Poster by O.G. Niall_greaves
This event will flow right into the next Inis.eto O.S.T party with Black Merlin schweet!

Event photos for Schwet with Helm, Prangers, Ni Maîtres & Ekstasis:

Schwet with Helm, Prangers, Ni Maîtres & Ekstasis at Strange Brew
Schwet with Helm, Prangers, Ni Maîtres & Ekstasis in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Helm - "Repellent" (Official Video)
Helm - "Moskito" (Official Video)
Helm - "Para" (Official Video)
Helm - "Tower" (Official Audio)

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