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Monday 30th May 2022

Escher Music Connection #38

— Strange Brew
Monthly production night for tune sharing, collaboration and community
price: Headfirst Tickets


We've outgrown the chaos of the Elevator Sound in store sessions, so we're moved down to Strange Brew who've kindly offered their back room for Escher events. We've got a top notch little system for back there. Sadly this does mean goodbye to BYOB, but their bar is well stocked..

The USB pile is no more! As Escher got busier it got harder and harder to manage all your tracks and USBs (red + black Sandisks I'm looking at you). Therefore we'll be taking ALL Escher submissions online before the event.

You can join the Escher Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/KruWQekT5y where you can find all the info about submitting tracks. Deadline for track submission is 24 hours before the event.
This also means we'll have a bit more of a cohesive layout for the night.

House rules:
- Escher is for everyone, any level of experience, genre or production style. The more varied Escher is, the more we all gain from it. Bring your weirdness!
- Please respect the tunes and the people, Escher is a community space where we support each other.
- All tracks submitted must be unreleased.
- Theres no pressure to put your name to a tune, if you just want to sit and have a listen back you're more than welcome to.
- Escher is free for everyone and a great way to explore the unreleased underground of Bristol, bring some mates!

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