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Sunday 30th January 2022

And Not Or - Dan Nicholls (Live) / Sybil (DJ) +++

— Strange Brew
Ambient-Experimental-Deep Techno / Live Improvised Music with Video / DJs & Drone Yoga
price: Headfirst Tickets


Ambient / Experimental / Deep Techno
DJs and Live Improvised Music with Video
Restorative Yoga with Ambient and Drone Soundtrack

And Not Or returns with a new monthly Sunday event series focusing on ambient and experimental music, with an (optional) restorative yoga session. Utilising the versatile space in Strange Brew, a spectrum of live audio and visual artists and DJs will soundtrack an extended Sunday afternoon and evening split into two sessions. The first session centres on a 90-minute yoga practice accessible for beginners and experienced yogis alike (it involves a lot of lying down and breathing properly, with some gentle movement and stretching, and it makes you feel amazing.) The second session continues the theme of ambient and experimental music previously explored by And Not Or via artists such as Don’t DJ and Aboutface, this time inviting improvised live AV performances and DJ sets to soundtrack the end of your weekend sessions.

Dan Nicholls and Lou Zon (Live Improv and Video)
Sybil (DJ Set)
BMO (DJ Set)
Dan Thorman (Drone Yoga Soundtrack)
Jessica Kennedy (Restorative Yoga)

Come for the afternoon, evening or both

Doors / 4.30pm
Yoga / 5pm-6.30pm (Please bring your own mat!!)
Live Music and DJs / 7pm-11pm
£7.50 for yoga, £7.50 for music, £12 for both

Dan Nicholls is a multi-instrumentalist and producer working across a wide range of jazz-influenced electronics and improvised dance music. He pulls together melodies, tones, rhythms and spoken word extracts into an immersive soundscape as cerebral as it is somatic. Nicholls will perform two separate sets at Strange Brew with distinct approaches - one ambient, and one more dance-orientated deep techno workout. These will be accompanied by Lou Zon's psychedelic, experimentally manipulated analog visuals which blend nature and saturated technologies.

As a DJ, Sybil’s craft lies in creating smooth trajectories that carry the audience to unexpected places. As comfortable dealing with rave motifs as she is with the most considered, patient dance music, she can open, maintain, and close parties whether they are in warehouses, clubs, cafe's or fields. Her Deep Mind Music mix series is the perfect demonstration of her skill in warping the listener’s mind - something we hold vitally important here at And Not Or. While she takes influence from far and wide, her first appearance for And Not Or will be a chance to move from ambient textures and hypnotic patterns towards more experimental deep techno.

BMO of Planet Schmorgasboard will be providing his outermost extra-terrestrial cuts to guide us along the transition from afternoon to evening. His collection knows very few limits, and his ability to nail a brief has led to all manner of focused guest mixes and sets to suit all manner of situations from delicate backroom explorations to furtive warm ups and the occasional flash of dancefloor energy. Just ask him about the tape-washed department store muzak album he's working on atm...

Dan Thorman and Jessica Kennedy will be working together to provide a Sunday yoga practice soundtracked by healing drones and delicate ambience. For approximately 90 minutes, their restorative flow will be open to those who wish to participate, setting the scene and format for the rest of the event by illustrating how we can move from meditative awareness towards movment and engagement with ourselves, our fellow travellers and the environment around us.

You're all welcome to come and do what you want with us. Sit, lie down, drink, chat, move, dance, think, etc etc blah blah...

Flyer: Jordan Martin / Artwork: 'celebration of body (for saatchi smaller)' by Brook Tate

Artist Videos:

Dan Nicholls "Lou (The Posthuman Reverberates)" Official Music Video
Dan Nicholls "Papa" (Official Music Video)

Artist Audio:

bandcamp - Dan Nicholls

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