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Thursday 2nd June 2022

Schwet with CS & Kreme, Laila Sakini & RAP

— Strange Brew
A night of lo-slung Moon Musick, ornate down(er)tempo and softboi hardcore!
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“Allstar bill of hallucinatory romance muzak; creating worlds between trip-hop, dub, dream pop and ambient tech. Fans of Jabu, Tara Clerkin Trio, Carla Del Forno, GAS - these might be your new favourite bands. ”
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8pm - 1am

The very next night is one we've been waiting for since before Strange Brew even opened.
Beyond excited to present a night of lo-slung Moon Musick, ornate down(er)tempo and softboi hardcore 'til 3am eternal.

CS + Kreme are Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel – two Australians who record hallucinatory experimental music. Their 2020 LP for The Trilogy Tapes 'Snoopy' was universally acclaimed as one of the best albums that year. They write slow and meditative "horizontal-music" which takes in heavy dub processing, sweeping post-punk and chamber music soundscapes, anchored around Standish's leftfield bass guitar.

"Quietly seductive, deeply romantic and stealthily addictive long-player in the most classic, enduring sense. Snoopy is the most affective album you’ll hear in 2020" - Boomkat

Finally be able to welcome Laila Sakini to Bristol (after having to cancel a prior headline show in 2021). Laila is another Melbourne native, though has been based in London for a few years now, she is part of the very same scene that birthed CS&K and HTRK. She crafts ornate, evocative and cinematic compositions for piano, voice & FX.

"In a world of overly produced and controlled music, this here is yr antidote - Laila Sakini is producing some of the most vital and brittle music of our time...perhaps the most vital and real re-configuration of traditional singer-songwriting we’ve come across since Grouper"- Boomkat

Finally, we welcome London duo RAP to Bristol for the first time. Guy Gormley and Thomas Bush are prolific producers in their own right but as RAP they have really tapped into something different.

"Caught between proto-techno and post-everything, these songs have a dizzying way of collapsing eras together. Rarely has a hybrid of new wave and experimental electronic music led to such an introspective place." - Pitchfork

"RAP find hazy, mystic ground somewhere between John T. Gast-like steppers and Alexander Tucker’s psychedelic folk-pop in their hugely enigmatic 2nd LP" - Boomkat

Utterly unmissable for fans of:
Coil, F ingers, Carla Dal Forno, YL Hooi, HTRK, Lifetones, Flaming Tunes, Tara Clerkin Trio etc.

Event photos for Schwet with CS & Kreme, Laila Sakini & RAP:

Schwet with CS & Kreme, Laila Sakini & RAP at Strange Brew
Schwet with CS & Kreme, Laila Sakini & RAP in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

CS + Kreme - Slug
Laila Sakini - Hilsea Street Shuffle
Laila Sakini - "Into the Traffic" (self-released, 2020)
RAP - Live Inside
RAP - Junction
RAP - Export

Artist Audio:

CS + Kreme
Laila Sakini

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