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Thursday 22nd July 2021

Cardboard Club w/ Yoke, Carnivorous Plants & RRS

— Strange Brew
Seated socially distanced show!
price: Headfirst Tickets


NOTE: This is a seated & socially distanced show despite the changes to government restrictions.

Strange Brew team up with Cardboard Prince Robert Ridley Shackleton for another CARDBOARD CLUB. Blurb by the prince himself:

wooo we r back by popular demand after our sold out return show in our lovely new home strange brew. We have another snack a delic show 4 u that u simply cannot miss.


Possibly one of THE best formations of free improverz that this sweet city has. Comprised of Rebecca Sneddon on sax, Robin Foster on drums, Matthew Grigg on guitar and Joseph Kelly on Double Bass, they r all in tune 2 their tune and its the baddest tune to make your body shake. When these mangos really start hitting it hard I feel I need something to bite, some chewing gum, a stick, anything, oh good god cuz my body cant stop churning and gurning, and once they stop u will feel like butter.


Robert Ridley-Shackleton

yes thats RRS the cardboard prince back in town, after sold out shows at strange brew and thunder mountain (Las Vegas) Our prince of corrugated loveliness is back for part 2 of the super sunshine friends saga with more card funk, a gorgeous cake or poo and farts all in the form of an audio and visual experience that is essentialy me singing over my tape player, but in a well good way. Take a listen if u don't believe:


Carnivorous Plants

One of the head mangos of the beloved Liquid Library, Owen Chambers. Not only does this mango keep flies out of your conservatory with his huge biting jaw but also doubles up as a noise maker of all varieties and styles of the word and genre 'Noise'. Sometimes our Carny P is solo, other times in duos, trios. Woah. U can never assume wat style this half human half chomper will smackdown into your audio holes. Take a listen:


We hope u r as excited as we r. C u there for a snack a delic experience only us mangos can deliver 2 u.

Keep it card xxx

Artist Audio:

Yoke - 'Yon' - Matthew Grigg
bandcamp - bandcamp