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Tuesday 28th June 2022

Schwet with YL Hooi & Silzedrek

— Strange Brew
"Icy DIY minimalism, FX-drenched atmospherics and nang chamber dub."
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Completing our trilogy of shows with the crema of the Down-Under Downtempo, we have a v. special show at the end of the month.

YL Hooi is the project of Valya Ying-Li Hooi, inhabiting a subtle and mysterious realm of furtive, dubbed-out song, sparse electronic percussion, and distant winds. Active in the Melbourne underground scene since 2017, Hooi is a member of Kallista Kult (with Sam Karmel and Tarquin Manek) and has recorded and performed with artists including Jonnine Standish (HTRK) and Rohan Rebeiro (My Disco).

Her debut Untitled album (first released on cassette by Altered States Tapes in 2019 and reissued on LP by Efficient Space in 2021 is a "collection of textural apparitions oscillate between icy DIY minimalism, FX-drenched atmospherics and nang chamber dub."

Silzedrek is the latest in a long list of aliases of Tarquin Manek. This project was conceived to explore clarinet and bass clarinet in a live setting utilising the Eastern European and Roma sonorities of the artist’s heritage. As a mainstay and central figure in the current Oz underground scene Manek is adept at employing higher dub logic to the rough juxtapositions and seemingly abrupt left turns his performances can take. Ultimately Silzedrek presents a deeply personal synthesis of time-dilating folk-jazz romanticism and sense of smoked out inner space projected to the outer in cosmic proportion.

FFO: Blackest Ever Black, Caroline K, Adrian Sherwood, Ethbo, Memotone, CS & Kreme, Laila Sakini, HTRK etc.

Yet another beauti by @guillaume_de_ubeda

Artist Videos:

YL Hooi - Prince S Version
YL Hooi - W/O Love
Gwen's Pen

Artist Audio:

YL Hooi