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Tuesday 31st May 2022


— Strange Brew
Two-piece digital hardcore from the USA consisting of vocals and drums - Presented by Damnatio Memoriae.
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“SELL OUT WARNING: "I went to a Machine Girl show and basically it was a 65,000-year-long rave in 30 minutes and […] I collapsed into a tesseract and got my ass eaten out in the fourth dimension" - one for the ravers and metal-heads alike with support from satanic-reggaeton trio Meth Math.”
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18+ event.
Originally formed in New York City and recently relocated to Pittsburgh, Machine Girl is a solo turned two piece digital hardcore outfit consisting of vocalist / producer Matt Stephenson and drummer Sean Kelly.

Cutting their teeth on the DIY circuit across North America, Machine Girl have quickly become known for their unpredictable and cathartic live shows, amassing a rabid following of club kids, punks and metal heads reveling in the bands amorphous blur between grindcore mosh pit and underground gabber rave.

Alongside fellow New York artists Bonnie Baxter, Prison Religion and Deli Girls, Machine Girl spearhead a recent wave of DIY music culture existing on the borders between punk, noise, techno, and rap, with few, if any, belonging squarely to any one tradition. Sonically collapsing the borders between these genres Machine Girl’s music reflects the sensual overload of a omnipresent media in which public truth has become a prism of intersubjective realities and global tribalism no longer bound to a common fabric of facts or local cultural truths. It represents a postmodern world in which cultural points of reference have become universal, readily available to anyone at any time to be consumed, disconnected from their original meaning to be rearranged, culturally recharged and globally reconnected in ad lib fashion.

In the duos music and live performances this unstable reality is not only being reflected but celebrated and thus pushed to its inevitable conclusion: horror, violence, surrealism, anxiety and chaos - all hyperactivated, peaking in the ego's death to thus clear the way for personal transcendence. To cleanse yourself, hit the reset button and ask: How to become a decent human being? What are the responsibilities that come with this kind of freedom? Are we victims or perpetrators? What can be done?


Led by vocalist Ángel Ballesteros and backed by producers error.error (Efrén Coronado) and Bonsai Babies (To Robles), Meth Math, grew up in the manufacturing city of Hermosillo, Sonora, 1200 miles northwest of Mexico City.

The band developed partially while Angel lived in Mexico City, but Ballesteros has since returned home, having exited CDMX during 2020. In Hermosillo, she runs her own clothing design label, Baby Angel, and art project, Antes de Cristo, which makes use of random spaces - from shopping malls to stretch limousines - for art shows. Their 2020 four track EP, Pompi, on In real life RECORDS, bedded down the thriving energy present in CDMX’s neo-perrero scene, but MM’S influences actually come from much further afield: they cite both Enya and Autechre amongst them. Their latest single, »tambaleo,« was produced by sega bodega.

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Machine Girl - WLFGRL [Full Album]

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Machine Girl

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