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Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Worm Gigs: Graham Costello's 'STRATA' (Gearbox)

— Strange Brew
The stand-out drummer alongside an all star cast of Scottish musicians.
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“ALERT: British nu- jazz renaissance group getting the coach straight from Ronnie Scott’s to Strange Brew. Graham Costello’s breathtaking jazz drumming melds with a love of ambient, contemporary classical and punk into one big cool electric soup.”
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Advance tickets off sale at 7.30pm.

There will be limited tickets on the door!

Do you like music that ebbs and flows? Supremely well executed drumming. Soundscapes. Big loud Brass! Experimental Classical sounds? Jazz??!! Well then this one might be for you!

Graham Costello is the phenomenal Drummer and band leader of 'STRATA'.

STRATA is a group made-up of six young leading Scottish musicians who's skills and musical maturity eclipse their years.

Featuring Graham and his expressive, powerful, and highly technical drumming , alongside Harry Weir on Tenor Sax,
Liam Shortall on Trombone, Fergus McCreadie on Piano, Joe Williamson on Guitar and Mark Hendry on Electric Bass, Graham's compositions are all encompassing powerful pieces of sound.

Influences of minimilist 20th century composers such as Reich and Glass, soundscapes and moods that evoke the rugged rich open Scottish landscapes, orchestral style builds into powerful crescendos, and also room for the improvisational mode that is embedded in these players skill-sets, STRATA are a band unlike any other active in the UK right now.

Their second album 'SECOND LIVES' was released on the legendary jazz imprint Gearbox Records last year. Produced by Hugh Padgham (A Grammy award winning producer who's produced some insanely huge records) at the legendary RAK studios, Second Lives is in some ways as much punk album just as much as it is a jazz or classical album. As well as space, and careful moments of delicate low slung mood setting phrases,, their is equal edginess and anarchy. Just listen to and lose yourself in, the sheer freneticism of 'Legion' and marvel as STRATA tear through the composition with such incredible energy and power. It technically involves musicianship of the highest calibre.

Graham has grown up playing many different styles (being a drummer lends itself to this well), but he actually started out in hardcore punk/metal bands developing the ability to play in loud and furious manner while holding its all together with poise and technical prowess.

STRATA will be playing Strange Brew the night after playing Ronnie Scott's in London!

Those of you who follow us will know of a bunch of these hugely talented players as the core members of Corto.alto and also some of you might recognise Graham and Harry from Rebecca Vasmant's project.

This is one not to miss!!





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Artist Audio:

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