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Wednesday 26th January 2022

Cardboard Club w/ RRS, the Card+Carnivorous Plants

— Strange Brew
New year new Cardboard Klurb! DIY electronics & experimental bands
price: Headfirst Tickets



Hey mangos hope u r ready 4 a brand new year with more snack a delic cardboard 2 keep yourself corrugated

RRS and the Card

After the roaring success of The Card DJ and the cardboard prince collaborating on stage and in your face, people or at the very least our parents were begging for more. But now the super card funk super group is here for a live feast, in exactly the same way u add an extension to a property we r upgrading. In this band are Wendy Miasma aka Jo Kelly on the Bass. The card DJ aka Dan Johnson on the drums and yours truly the cardboard prince robert ridley-shackleton on vocals and keys. Get ready bristol.

Carnivorous Plants

that mango who keeps my greenhouse free of flies and berks comes slam dunking back to the stage of strange brew to give shit and take names. What this ravenous herb is likely to do is anybodys guess but CP is well known for his love of early 2000's noise and just about every noise of any and every kind, CP will search every corner of snack a delica that is audible eat it all, digest then shit it out in the form of audio pleasure. Lets go bristol.

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