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Wednesday 28th October 2020

The Piano

— Strange Brew
First round of collaborative art making in Strange Brew's back space
price: Headfirst Tickets


“The Piano”

As part of the 1st round of collaborative art making in the back space, Manu Maunganidze, Sarah James, Yas Clarke and Joe Evans will present a 45 minute multi-media performance for a seated, socially distanced audience of 34 people.

The elephant in the room is a piano.

What happens when you start dismantling a century-old piano and you find that hidden inside is not just cobwebs and taut strings but a real treasure trove of modern history. A winding road unfolds through the stories of cultural migration and the ivory and slave trade. The potential of the rare beauty of Mozart and Scott Joplin clings to every bit wood, metal and felt. A sonic, filmic, sculptural journey through time, at once beautiful, weird and harsh.

Sound: Yas Clark + Joe Evans
Video: Sarah James
Sculpture and concept: Manu