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Sunday 5th June 2022


— The Canteen
The West's original guitar orchestra
price: entry is free


Free entry!

Longshadows, pristinely new guitar trio of masterly punk-flamencisto Kevin Byrne (Calima, Midnight Brothers), Neil Smith (This is the Kit, The Brackish, Slate Trio, Milon) and Paul Bradley (Three Cane Whale, Organelles, Athea, Otherish) - now welcomed back from past co-workings together (first as Kein Bart, latterly as Klein Bart) in legendary Bristol venue The Beacon's words: "the West's original guitar orchestra", from before such forces were A Thing. Three composers, three highly distinct musicians. Contemporary-chamber, abstract sentimental, C21Flamenco, punkjazz. Nylon, steelstrung acoustic, electric. Alchemy. Duende.

Event photos for Longshadows:

Longshadows at The Canteen
Longshadows in Bristol 2022

Artist Videos:

Long For The Night - Longshadows

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