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Saturday 28th March 2020

Ecstatic Dance Bristol Livestream

— The Elmgrove Centre
Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Bath & Kirtan
price: Headfirst Tickets




Come and join us for a special and unique event to honour the 2020 Spring Equinox

Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Bath, Kirtan / Mantra Songs and more...

*please note, a cup of ceremonial cacao for the opening ceremony is optional and is sold separately for £3 per cup. If you would like a cup please make sure you purchase both:
- a 'Cup Of Ceremonial Cacao' ticket
- and either an 'Early Bird', 'First Release' or 'Second Release' ticket (subject to availability)

*please arrive in time for the start of the opening ceremony (19:00). Doors open at 18:00.
artists & facilitators (alphabetical order)

sound bath, kirtan & mantra songs

Bathe in the sounds of sacred music artists: Kamala (Elise Yuill Cohen & Charlie Bishop) and Josie Wildgoose. Live hang drum, harmonies and soothing vibrations of Kamala’s unique mantra and kirtan music, from their forth-coming album (due for release Spring 2020). They will share a sound healing journey and mantra songs. Music of the heart that guides you gently towards the deep peace within and the love of the divine, where the vibrations of unity and bliss allow everything else to drop away.

eliseyuillcohen.com / facebook.com/eliseyuillcohenmusic

Ecstatic Dance journey DJ set

Taking influence from tribal, sacred sound and underground dance music, OSARA creates deep, powerful and uplifting dance journeys inspired by universal wisdom and the healing power of dance. Every journey he creates is totally unique and responds to the spirit of time, community and place. He is a resident DJ with Ecstatic Dance UK (London) and is an apprentice with the School of Movement Medicine.

mixcloud.com/osarasound / facebook.com/osarasound

opening / closing ceremony & cacao ceremony

Victoria Sinclair and the Lotus Consciousness Team are working on a series of technoshamanic and ceremonial encounters for 2020. Victoria has been working in a healing capacity at festivals and free parties since the mid 1990s. She's been presenting on technoshamanism globally since 2012. Her and her team create deep dance floor healing immersions and experiences.

lotusconsciousness.com / lotusprogramme.com
Organic bar (non-alcoholic) and organic raw food cafe.

sweet & savoury food

Rachana will be providing exquisite savoury platters and amazing superfood raw cakes, chocolates and energy balls.

A cosy space to chill, relax and connect with tribe. Atmospheric lighting, cushions and blankets. Massage on offer. More details of therapists coming soon.

A space for kids to play and hang out


For any of you who are new to Ecstatic Dance or conscious dance...
Firstly, you are totally welcome to join us. Secondly, no dance or conscious dance experience is necessary. Please just read through this event description before you come, to familiarise yourself with the guidelines (see below under the 'ECSTATIC DANCE' section).

Everyone is welcome. You are invited to show up as you are. At the opening circle there will be a guided meditation to help us connect with self and then from this place we will journey alone and/or together to move, dance and express ourselves in a safe, held and contained space.


Ecstatic Dance is about self-expression through free-form dance and movement. It’s a movement meditation which brings together the awareness of mind, body and heart, authentically connecting with self and authentically connecting with those around you.

We use the following guidelines for the Dance Zone, to create a safe, held and sacred space for you to express, expand and experience rejuvenation through movement, dance and sound:

- be here: no outside shoes
- be free: dance how you want / no judgement
- be present: no phones / cameras
- be clear: no intoxicants
- be embodied: no talking
- be consensual: respect boundaries / if it's not a clear yes, it's a no

*these are the guidelines as written by our friends Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles


Cacao (raw, unprocessed chocolate) is a powerful plant that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. The people of ancient Meso-America attributed a sacred status to Cacao and would drink it ceremonially to commune with their gods.

We drink Cacao in ceremony to reconnect with our deep inner guidance. Using guided meditation we journey within to discover more about ourselves, release negative blockages and find peace and clarity.

We invite you not to eat for 3 hours before the event as the medicinal constituents of Cacao are best absorbed on an empty stomach. Cacao can move things around both emotionally and physically, so this will also help you to avoid feelings of nausea. We recommend having a nutritious and grounding meal afterwards to help with integration.

Please drink plenty of water before, during and after the event.

Cacao is very safe, however it is not compatible with some prescription medication such as anti-depressants. If you are taking prescription medication please check if it is compatible with Cacao first. This is very important given that our journey will be dynamic and high energy. Please get in touch with us if you are unsure.


This event is in association with BrightSky Community. BrightSky Founding Partners and Members get a discount on tickets: check the BrightSky Members FB group or the latest newsletter for the discount ticket link.

BrightSky Community is an exciting new platform and community for healers, practitioners, Earth Protectors, ethical entrepreneurs, movers and shakers of this world. We are now in the process of inviting Founding Members to be part of the community. Email (hello@brightsky.community) or check out the links below to find out more.

www.brightsky.community / facebook.com/brightskycommunity


- water in a reusable water bottle
- blanket and yoga mat for the sound bath


Advanced tickets are available through Headfirst Bristol. There'll be some tickets available on the door. If you can't attend please use this Facebook event page to sell your advance tickets and use this link to transfer ticket to the buyer: headfirstbristol.co.uk/transfer-ticket

Early Bird: £10 (+bf)
First Release: £12.50 (+bf)
Second Release: £15 (+bf)
On the door: £17.50 - cash / card
*(sold on a 'first come, first serve' basis / no reservations available)
Cup of Cacao £2.50 (+bf)



Flyer design: OSARA
'Feathering the Storm' art: Suzie Killick

All the love and gratitude from team EDB. See you on the dancefloor.

Event photos for Ecstatic Dance Bristol Livestream:

Ecstatic Dance Bristol Livestream at The Elmgrove Centre
Ecstatic Dance Bristol Livestream in Bristol 2020

Artist Audio:

SoundCloud - OSARA
Elise Yuill Cohen

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Ecstatic Dance Bristol Livestream at The Elmgrove Centre in Bristol
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